58: Modernizing the spice-blending trade | Anthony Leow, Founder of Anthony the Spicemaker

28m | Nov 8, 2021

Anthony Leow: “In the past, grannies used to pound their own spices, but when they were old, they couldn’t pound spices anymore. While making spice blends for them, we were, at the same time, learning the secret recipes from all these old grannies, because they were actually very good and experienced at cooking. This is how we picked up the trade and kickstarted our business.”


Anthony Leow, founder of Anthony the Spicemaker, a spice shop at the wet market, shares about how his business began, plus: *Why he chose to set up shop at the wet market* *Chinatown market* *Modernizing the business* *Challenges faced* *Thoughts on whether wet markets would survive*

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