57: On finding joy and feeding your soul | Mandy Yin, founder of Sambal Shiok and author of Sambal Shiok

39m | Nov 2, 2021

Mandy Yin: “It’s better to have tried and figured out you don’t like something. It’s not failure, it’s really not. Sometimes you have to go through an incredibly bad, difficult time to understand that’s not what you need to do, and you take a different route. One door closes, another opens. I do think there’s merit in following your passion, but also in understanding your limits and knowing when to cut your losses… Life is for living.”


Mandy Yin, founder of the restaurant Sambal Shiok and author of the cookbook Sambal Shiok, shares about her experiences learning how to cook Malaysian food from her mother, plus: *The problem with the word ‘authentic’* *Her journey learning how to make heritage food* *Beginnings of Sambal Shiok – pop up to a restaurant* *Veganizing laksa* *Iban cuisine* *Importance of recognizing diversity in Malaysian food culture* *Making Malaysian cuisine accessible*


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