72: The book publisher who goes to the wet market | Edmund Wee, Publisher & CEO of Epigram Books

53m | Mar 6, 2022

Edmund Wee: “We don’t get a lot of chances to form relationships with people in our lives – we’re busy, we’re working. And you have to go shopping for your food. You either shop on Red Mart or the supermarket. Why do those two when there’s a third alternative, where you can do your marketing and at the same, you form relationships. Why not? It is so wonderful! So, it’s a no brainer for me to decide to go to the wet market. It is obvious to me to do so.”


Edmund Wee, publisher & CEO of Epigram Books, shares his insights on the book publishing industry, plus: *Wet market tips* *How Epigram started publishing cookbooks* *Epigram’s focus on Singapore and Singaporean stories* *Process of making a book* *Selection process* *Margins in the book publishing business* *Is print dead?* *Why read a book or cookbook?* *Why go to the market* *How wet markets can be improved* *Will wet markets survive?*


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