70: The diversity, beauty, and healthfulness of the Malay diet | Khir Johari, researcher and author of The Food of Singapore Malays

36m | Feb 8, 2022

Khir Johari: “When we look at our understanding of Malay food, it is typically based on a narrow window, and that is the hawker centre. If you get a chance to visit Malay homes (your Malay neighbours or friends), that is where you get to see things that you don’t normally experience… Reading and travelling help to inform, and with that, you’ll come to understand the diversity and beauty of Malay food, and look at it as a very healthy diet. Any food you eat in excess is bad, regardless of your background, ethnicity, or geography.”


Khir Johari, author of The Food of Singapore Malays, shares about his new book, plus: *Who are the Malays* *How his interest in Singaporean Malay food began* *Lack in documentation of Malay gastronomy* *Mee siam* *Impact of urbanization and globalization on Singaporean Malay food* *Foraging in Malay food culture* *Ulam and seafood in the Malay diet* *Ways of cooking with greens* *Connecting with nature* *Concept of Peranakan in Singapore* *What can be problematic about the way Peranakan food is marketed these days* *Food as medicine* *Growing up years* *Kampong glam then and now* *Extinct dishes* *How we can embody the Malay ethos towards food in this modern day and age* *Hope for Singaporean food culture*


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