56: Creating more seats at the table of Singaporean food culture | Rovik Jeremiah Robert, founder of The Hidden Good, and co-host of the SGExplained podcast

45m | Oct 25, 2021

Rovik Jeremiah Robert: “When we draw those lines, we end up ostracizing or excluding a lot of groups who are in Singapore who are making an influence regardless of what we think, and we also lose an opportunity for our food to evolve. To an extent, I can empathize, because as a young nation, identity is determined by some level of boundary-drawing, to say this is who we are, and this is who we’re not. But I also think that for food, “Why?” – food is such an exciting space to have innovation and experimentation. I think we need to ask ourselves critical questions on what really does it mean to be Singaporean. In my personal take, it cannot just be CMIO for the next 50 years.”


Rovik Jeremiah Robert of The Hidden Good and SGExplained podcast talks about the overarching mission of his work, plus: *Expanding our understanding of diversity* *The importance of the intangible* *Hawker pricing and providing value* *Role of content creators in creating sustainability for the hawker trade* *Why going beyond Chinese-Malay-Indian-Others is important for the growth of Singaporean food culture* *Fine dining and street food* *Imagining a more inclusive Singapore*


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