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SNL Hall of Fame

There are many people that have worked hard to create the near 50 year legacy at Saturday Night Live. We celebrate the elite in the SNL Hall of Fame.


Episode 33 - Pundit Round Table #3
Show Details2hr 16min
Episode 32 - Pundit Round Table #2
Show Details1hr 52min
Episode 31 - Pundit Round Table #1
Show Details3hr 9min
Episode Thirty - Our First Hall of Famer!
Show Details30min 20s
Episode Twenty-Nine - Dan Aykroyd
Show Details30min 5s
Episode Twenty-Eight - Taylor Swift
Show Details33min 16s
Episode Twenty-Seven - Emma Stone
Show Details34min 36s
Episode Twenty-Six - Franken & Davis
Show Details41min 14s
Episode Twenty-Five - Eddie Murphy
Show Details32min 45s
Episode Twenty-Four - Miley Cyrus
Show Details46min 36s
Episode Twenty-Three - John Goodman
Show Details26min 26s
Episode Twenty-Two - Phil Hartman
Show Details23min 23s
Bonus Episode - John Mulaney
Show Details53min 20s
Episode Twenty-One - James Downey
Show Details33min 25s
Episode Twenty - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Show Details36min 59s
Episode Nineteen - Justin Timberlake
Show Details42min 53s
Episode Eighteen - Maya Rudolph
Show Details32min 48s
Episode Seventeen - The Lonely Island
Show Details35min 41s
Episode Sixteen - Nirvana
Show Details26min 45s
Episode Fifteen - John Mulaney
Show Details44min 8s
Episode Fourteen - Molly Shannon
Show Details37min 1s
Episode Thirteen - Conan O'Brien
Show Details29min 35s
Episode Twelve - Paul McCartney
Show Details29min 11s
Episode Eleven - Lily Tomlin
Show Details24min 6s
Episode Ten - Norm Macdonald
Show Details47min 27s
Episode Nine - Tina Fey
Show Details50min 41s
Episode Eight - Prince
Show Details40min 7s
Episode Seven - Melissa McCarthy
Show Details27min 43s
Episode Six - Chris Farley
Show Details50min 47s
Episode Five - Michael O' Donoghue
Show Details28min 34s
Episode Four - Neil Young
Show Details19min 56s
Episode Three - Steve Martin
Show Details34min 3s
Episode Two - Gilda Radner
Show Details25min 44s
Episode One - Lorne Michaels
Show Details30min 7s