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Super-Exploitation and Resistance

This podcast brings the voices of labour leaders, activists, organizers, and social movements to a North American audience. We share the perspectives of people on the frontlines of social struggle and change in Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are powered by Common Frontiers and allies in the Canadian Labour Movement.

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Latin America roundup
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Afro-Indigenous and Afro-Descendent Peoples’ Fight to Defend Their Territories
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In today's episode, we’re going to look at the struggle by afro-descendent and afro-indigenous peoples to defend their territory in the face of capitalist development and violent efforts at territorial dispossession, which are underpinned by systemic racism.

We will speak with Maria Miyela Riascos, an educator, anthropologist and member of the Buenaventura Civic Strike Committee, which coordinated a civil strike that paralized the port city in Colombia in early 2017 in protest over lack of services, insecurity, and long-standing government neglect. 

We also talk to Carla Garcia, International Relations Coordinator at OFRANEH, the Honduran Black Fraternal Organization, who speaks about her people’s world vision and their effort to protect their ancestral land.

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Published Feb 13, 2022 at 6:45pm
Field Report: Imperialism vs. Democracy in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Honduras
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Latin American Integration and Its Enemies
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What is Internationalism?
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The Colombian National Strike
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Taking State Power Through Elections
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Lawfare, Lula, and the Left in Latin America
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US and Canadian Imperialism in Latin America
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