Entrepreneurs Begin with Junior Achievement

Episode 5
39m | Oct 8, 2020

Jan Murfield, President, Junior Achievement of Dallas joined host Tyler Kern, and Bill Kasko, President and CEO, Frontline Source Group, Inc, to discuss her passion for Junior Achievement. The Junior Achievement organization is the world’s largest non-profit dedicated to educating students in grades K-12 about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy through hands-on training. Kasko’s excitement about this topic stems from his journey as a kid in the Junior Achievement company program. Murfield noted, “kids who go through the Junior Achievement company program are two and a half times more likely to start their own business than the general population.”

Murfield’s passion for non-profit work and teaching financial literacy led her to her current role with Junior Achievement of Dallas. “What a great thing,” said Murfield, “to go to kids who are from underserved communities and show them about budgeting. Think of the difference this could make in the lives of these kids.”

Volunteers are essential for the success of Junior Achievement. Murfield said they need 5,000 volunteers this year to service 55,000 students in the greater Dallas area. The types of volunteers Murfield looks for to support Junior Achievement’s mission are people who want to give back to the community, but also love kids. All kinds of entrepreneurs from the Dallas area are needed to help teach children, even for just a single one-hour class. This program makes a huge difference in children’s lives, and Lopez said, students who enroll in the Junior Achievement program increase their odds of attending college after high-school graduation.

CONTRIBUTOR: Jan Murfield , President of Junior Achievement of Dallas and  Bill Kasko CEO, Frontline Source Group

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