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The Reformatory

The Reformatory is the podcast for the local church, by the local church. Hosted by Josh Lofthus and Jack Barry.




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Why Confessionalism? (w/Sam Renihan)
Show Details58min 41s
Advice To Young Pastors (w/Brian Borgman)
Show Details57min 52s
What Is A Church Member?
Show Details46min 31s
What Is A Deacon?
Show Details46min 32s
What Is A Pastor? (Continued)
Show Details52min 45s
What Is A Pastor?
Show Details59min 3s
What Is A Successful Ministry?
Show Details48min 54s
Practical Love
Show Details38min 23s
Pray For Your Church
Show Details35min 7s
Sermon Listening for Dummies
Show Details38min 58s
God Said It, That Settles It
Show Details37min 12s
How To Find My Spiritual Gift
Show Details43min 15s
Keeping Kids In Service
Show Details38min 32s
Foolish Controversies
Show Details44min 4s
It's A Riff Ep
Show Details37min 46s
Church Discipline
Show Details38min
The Cage Stage
Show Details43min 37s
Taking Breaks In Ministry
Show Details37min 37s
The Cult Of 1689
Show Details39min 27s
Should Women Study Theology?
Show Details42min 29s
It's A Riff Ep
Show Details35min 16s
Spiritual Adultery
Show Details43min 55s
Lone Wolf Ministry
Show Details40min 45s
Pastoral Accessibility
Show Details42min 35s
Twitter Advice
Show Details44min 10s
Lead Pastors
Show Details48min 27s
It's A Riff Ep
Show Details32min 39s
Show Details41min 52s
Does Music Style Matter?
Show Details44min 34s
Don't Spit On People
Show Details43min 4s
The Lord's Supper
Show Details52min 17s
Encouragement To Members
Show Details39min 53s
2021 Recap
Show Details59min 25s
Christmas 2021
Show Details37min 5s
A Pagan Holiday?
Show Details35min 6s
Multi-Site Churches
Show Details37min 26s
Christ In Every Sermon
Show Details35min 22s
Thanksgiving Special 2021
Show Details34min 44s
How To Encourage Your Pastors
Show Details32min 52s
Who's Your Favorite Preacher?
Show Details38min 1s
A Word To Young Pastors
Show Details40min 36s
A Modern Reformation
Show Details40min 37s
Catechisms & Confessions
Show Details37min 43s
The 5 Solas
Show Details43min 7s
Why A Reformation?
Show Details41min 26s
It's A Riff Ep
Show Details34min 55s
The Gospel's Greatest Threat
Show Details36min 47s
The Cult Of Bethel
Show Details53min 20s
Do You Pray For Your Leaders?
Show Details43min 13s
The Local Church In Afghanistan
Show Details49min 25s
The Centennial Episode
Show Details41min 16s
The Multi-Service Church
Show Details39min 15s
Sunday School & Small Groups
Show Details45min 6s
Purity Culture
Show Details43min 21s
Welcome To Our Ted Talk
Show Details1hr 11min
Local Church Dress Code
Show Details32min 15s
Show Details37min 8s
Sermon Stealing (Sort Of)
Show Details42min 20s
It's A Riff Ep
Show Details41min 13s
Local Church Friendships
Show Details32min 19s
Can I Love Jesus But Hate The Church?
Show Details37min 5s
Showing Compassion
Show Details35min 46s
A Theology Of Work
Show Details33min 44s
Caring For Vets In The Local Church
Show Details45min 12s
Locating Leaders
Show Details39min 41s
Local Church Polity
Show Details38min 35s
The Problem Of Self-Promotion
Show Details40min 34s
When To Plant A Church
Show Details38min 23s
What Should I Do When I Disagree With My Elders?
Show Details35min 43s
How Not To Be A Theobro
Show Details46min 6s
I'm Sage Stage Baby
Show Details37min
This Is A Riff Ep
Show Details35min 30s
The Atlanta Spa Shooting
Show Details39min 11s
Does This Card Give You Discounts At Denny's?
Show Details43min 7s
She Said SBC Ya Later
Show Details39min 45s
R.I.P. Harambe
Show Details38min 31s
Please Tell Me He Said "Naw Son"
Show Details42min 23s
Jesus Loves You Tom Brady
Show Details44min 2s
Church Hurt Revisited (Josh's Story)
Show Details41min 2s
Church Hurt Revisited (Jack's Story)
Show Details40min 16s
Get Jiggy With It
Show Details37min 19s
The Birds & The Particularities
Show Details40min 41s
It's A Riff Ep
Show Details38min 38s
Citizens Of Heaven (Bonus Episode)
Show Details39min 56s
We're So Boring Right Now
Show Details38min 41s
That Sounded Sexist
Show Details39min 20s
Christmas Special 2020
Show Details29min 14s
This Way To The Gulag
Show Details35min 15s
A Serious Discussion (Bonus Episode)
Show Details41min 25s
For Whom The Bell Tolls
Show Details37min 49s
Like A Honeyed Ham
Show Details36min 41s
2020 Thanksgiving Special
Show Details34min 48s
I'm Gonna Call It CHOP Jr.
Show Details38min 13s
I'm Inviting Demons Into My MacBook Pro
Show Details41min 1s
Jean-Claude Van Damme Pope Man
Show Details36min 38s
Have You Voted?
Show Details40min 7s
Tennessee Wind Sucker
Show Details36min 2s
Russia Has Been Colluded With
Show Details42min 38s
I Have Degrees People
Show Details36min 50s
Doc&Devo 2020 Recap
Show Details37min 31s
The Patman Episode
Show Details51min 44s
Raisins Are Just Sweet, Dead Flies
Show Details43min 13s
Count The Seconds Till I Hear The Thud
Show Details36min 28s
Shoot To Thrill
Show Details33min 19s
Welcome Jack Barry
Show Details48min 5s
Once More Into The Fray
Show Details38min 52s
Don't Thank Me For My Service (SPECIAL GUEST JACK BARRY)
Show Details49min 35s
He Doesn't Half-Bun Anything
Show Details44min 56s
Man Fishing
Show Details49min 25s
He Was Rapture Ready
Show Details42min 54s
Heavy Metal Can Be Worshipful
Show Details47min 20s
Quarter That Like A Chicken
Show Details46min 53s
I Believe It's "Sammich"
Show Details36min 14s
Why So Serious?
Show Details38min 46s
The Church's Response To George Floyd's Murder
Show Details54min 1s
The Yogurt Hits The Fan
Show Details38min 46s
Ok Dude, Speaking Of Alex Jones
Show Details46min 47s
I Need To See Your Hands Sir
Show Details44min 4s
I'd Be Thor All The Way
Show Details48min 19s
Take One Jellybean At A Time
Show Details43min 50s
You're Just Mad I'm More Calvinist Than You Are
Show Details37min 5s
They're Left in A Neat Folded Pile Where You're Zapped
Show Details49min 15s
Nationwide Is On Your Side
Show Details39min 46s
I Take You To Shabba Now
Show Details34min 46s
Show Details42min 40s
Most Of My Stories Are Scatological
Show Details45min 57s
I Can't Even Get Facebook Names Right
Show Details33min 38s
Your Ankles Are Very Immodest
Show Details49min 30s
Their Left Pinky Has Tourettes
Show Details35min 25s
Carried Away By Every Womenfancy
Show Details38min 53s
My Crayon Just Broke
Show Details39min 39s
Right Now I Want Tacos (Perseverance Of The Saints)
Show Details35min 30s
Ok Mr. Miyagi (Irresistible Grace)
Show Details40min 18s
It's A Tough Pork Chop (Limited Atonement Pt 2)
Show Details43min 46s
I Don't Drink The Beard Oil (Limited Atonement Pt1)
Show Details39min 15s
I Have Puns Of Steel (Unconditional Election)
Show Details29min 40s
Speaking Of Fights (Total Depravity)
Show Details45min 9s
Show Details27min 31s
Bane Believed In Total Depravity
Show Details38min 31s
RJ...Do You Listen To Our Podcast?
Show Details38min 55s
Show Details30min 55s
I Have Judgmental Flannel
Show Details42min 38s
My Undercarriage Was Caught Up To Heavenly Glory
Show Details32min 52s
I'm Getting My Glutes On
Show Details37min 51s
Charles Spurgeon, In The Kitchen, With The Lead Pipe
Show Details33min 34s
Jim Is A Chocolate Chip Stud-Muffin
Show Details32min 24s
Have You Tried The New Merit Slush Fund?
Show Details27min 38s
I Thought I Was Staring At A Silverback Gorilla
Show Details38min 9s
Farm Fresh, Cage Free Calvinists
Show Details36min 34s
Happy Birthday, You're Depraved
Show Details32min 13s