Simple Doesn't Mean Easy

Are you longing to simplify things just a little, amidst the crazy, loud, distracting clutter of life? That's where I was just 5 years ago, when my family started on this crazy ride toward simplifying things. Since "simple" is almost never synonymous with "easy," I was pretty much a failure at everything I tried. But along the way I learned that it's not only okay, but actually GOOD that simple joys require hard work. So I'm here to be your Encouragement Mentor in this sometimes difficult effort to simplify. Because we can do this, guys. Together.


9. An Open Letter to Hard-working, Under-appreciated Moms everywhere
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8. Harvard & Homeschooling
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7. Don't Waste Your Isolation
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6. My "be attitudes" toward Covid-19 & why they're important
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5. Inspiration when you're stuck at home
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4. The 8 Steps from Sap to Syrup
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3. Why I Drink Tree Sap (Seriously.)
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2. The Science Behind Syrup
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6 Things About Me You Don't Know (Premier Episode!)
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