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Activate with Laura Holloway

Welcome to Activate! Your one-stop-shop for all things mind, body, and soul elevation. Each week Laura and her guest will bring you tools to align your minds and hearts, and take empowered action.

You'll learn how to strip back the layers, silence the noise, and listen to your heart's truest calling. And most importantly, you'll give yourself full permission to say yes to your Higher Self.

If you're ready to dig deep and get out of your own way, then this is your tribe. I’m with you. Let’s dive in together.


Living Xtra: How to Create a Life You Love with Christina Glickman
Show Details1hr 7min
44. One For Many with Steve Hodges
Show Details45min 11s
43. We Back! | Solo
Show Details11min 48s
42. Reinventing Identity and Moving Through Transition with Taj Deshaun
Show Details48min 56s
41. Fit for the Calling of Your Life with Caprice O’Bryant
Show Details45min 56s
40. Flexing Your Authenticity, Financial Fitness, and Connection to Spirit with Angelica Alam
Show Details57min 13s
39. From Anxiety to Alignment + The Power of Breathwork with Alyse Bacine
Show Details39min 4s
38. Living a Yes And Life with Judi Holler
Show Details49min 46s
37. Compassionate Leadership and Having it All with Heather Schwartz
Show Details46min 59s
36. Lessons of 33 | Solo
Show Details20min 49s
35. Rewriting the Mother Code with Dr. Gertrude lyons
Show Details43min 58s
34. Centered, Grounded, and Focused: The Activate Formula with Monika Zands and Katie Calder
Show Details45min 11s
33. Making Greatness a Lifestyle with Thomas R. Williams
Show Details55min 51s
32. A Letter to 2020 | SOLO
Show Details29min 27s
31. The Power of Choice with DJ Megan Taylor
Show Details56min 39s
30. Embracing Our Medicine with Carolina Parnell
Show Details1hr 6min
29. Back to the Table: Health + Conscious Parenting with Megan and Peggy Curry
Show Details1hr 7min
28. Q+A: Overcoming Overwhelm + Inner Power Meditation
Show Details36min 31s
27. Making the Holidays Special with Kendra Peterson
Show Details42min 6s
26. "Taking your Personal Power Back" 2021 Starts Now | SOLO
Show Details21min 38s
25. From Self-Sabotage to Personal Freedom with Jennifer Ludington
Show Details38min 23s
24. Democratizing Spirituality with Rachel White
Show Details45min 5s
23. Feminine Leadership with Celeste Richmond and Kaitlynn Clemens
Show Details58min 30s
22. Inner Work for Outer Change with Erin Coupe
Show Details40min 16s
21. Loving the Art of Cooking with Tina Holloway
Show Details30min 59s
20. The Power of Language with Eric Huffman
Show Details51min 13s
19. Spirituality in Business with Monika Zands
Show Details1hr 16min
18. Creating Soul Success with Megan McCann
Show Details53min 12s
17. Simply BE with Personal Branding Expert Jessica Zweig
Show Details1hr 2min
16. Embracing the Hustle with Scott Holloway
Show Details44min 54s
15. 5 Ways to Live in Flow
Show Details30min
14. Art Saved Me with P. Scott
Show Details46min 13s
13. Understanding Your Soul’s Blueprint Through Human Design with Katie Calder
Show Details54min 29s
12. Worthy, Brilliant, and Brave with Kellie Woods
Show Details47min
11. Just Do It
Show Details17min 36s
10. Awake Your Soul with Elyse Falzone
Show Details51min 28s
9. Braving the Unknown with Kelli Tennant
Show Details55min 3s
8. Saying YES to YourSelf with Heather Cullen
Show Details40min 36s
7. Fatherhood and Love with Morgan Martin, Randy Holloway, and Mike Martin
Show Details1hr 18min
6. Living in an Integrated State with Lola Wright
Show Details57min 25s
5. Becoming an Ally with Michael Farber
Show Details42min 45s
4. Honor Your Soul and Awaken to Your Highest Potential with Priya Lakhi
Show Details53min 10s
3. Black Lives Matter; A Conversation with Valentine Ewudo
Show Details55min 29s
2. Living in Alignment with Tiffany Louise
Show Details57min 29s
1. Cheryle Jackson on How to PIVOT with Grit and Grace
Show Details1hr 1min
This Is Activate
Show Details6min 28s