The Reinvention Project with Jim Rome

Peak performers and elite achievers: What's their process? How can we apply it? How do we destroy the game like them? Jim Rome is finding out. He's connecting with those who are making it happen. The best, brightest, boldest, grittiest and most audacious thinkers, grinders, and winners Jim can find. If you're looking to bust out, reinvent and attack the game with a completely new mindset and be more competitive and effective than you've ever been, then lock this podcast in.


Ep. 6 - Chadd Wright
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Ep. 5 - Rich Diviney
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Ep. 4 - Damon West
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Ep. 3 - Inky Johnson
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Inky Johnson’s entire life changed in one catastrophic moment. However, he refused to allow it or any other circumstance to define him or his life. Now, he shares his amazing transformation and reinvention to inspire, motivate and push others to achieve greatness, regardless of situation or circumstance. 

49min 47s
Published Mar 18, 2021 at 12:56pm
Ep. 2 - Ed Mylett
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Ep. 1 - Introduction to the Project
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Coming Soon: The Reinvention Project with Jim Rome
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