DATING advice every girl NEEDS to hear with KRISTINA KANE | Host of Dirty Daytini podcast

40m | Feb 6, 2024

On todays episode I have Kristina Kane, host of Dirty Daytini, where we talk about boundaries, expectations, and learning how to be ok with being on your own so that we dont settle for the bare minimum out of fear of being alone.

  • Learn how to be with yourself before getting into a relationship so that it flows from a place of want instead of from a place of fear
  • Never lose your mental sanity over a person, welcome whoever wants to come and open the door to whoever wants to leave
  • In relationships we either grow together or apart and you must let go of whoever is not looking to grow at your pace
  • Never stay in relationships out of fear, life always replaces what exits your life with something better 

With love, Mafe

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