The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact of Influence

The Tragic Story of South Carolina's Powerful Murdaugh Family. A family connected to power and mysterious deaths. #murdaugh #stephensmith #murdaughmurders #truecrime

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Episode 40: Alex faces new charges & A forensic accountant joins us
Show Details37min 58s
Episode #39. A Sketchy Loan & Is Law Enforcement Stonewalling
Show Details36min 9s
Episode #38: Heads Roll And Another Bond Hearing For Alex
Show Details23min 55s
Episode #37. Changes In The Firm + Alex's Grandfather's Death Row Controversy
Show Details29min 8s
Episode #36. $ Laundering Lesson & an Upset Family
Show Details27min 18s
Episode 35: Special Treatment Or Standard Practice?
Show Details21min 56s
Episode #34: Will Alex Be Home For Christmas?
Show Details21min 1s
Episode #33: Is Alex hiding more money than we thought?
Show Details29min 29s
Episode #32. Your Questions Answered By Legal Analyst
Show Details30min 25s
Episode #31. The Satterfield 911 Call Who is the "fella"?
Show Details23min 12s
Episode #30. Q and A with Hampton Native and Some New Insight
Show Details33min
Episode #29. Attorney Eric Bland will blow your mind with his reaction to Alex Murdaugh's new indictments on stealing money!
Show Details36min 53s
Episode #28. Jack Pot! The Story of Drug Kingpins In The Low Country!
Show Details27min 31s
Episode #27. Is Alex a danger? Something doesn't smell right!
Show Details21min 39s
Episode #26: Show Them Your Money & A Drug Cartel
Show Details22min 39s
Episode #25. 911 Calls & An ER DR Breaks Down Alex's Injuries After Shooting
Show Details37min 28s
Episode #24. Major Takeaways From Alex's Bond Hearing
Show Details21min 56s
Episode #23. Alex arrested! Head injuries fact or fiction?
Show Details17min 46s
Episode #22. Hampton Native Speaks Out
Show Details33min 23s
Episode #21. Distancing from Alex
Show Details21min 54s
Episode #20. Who knew what, and when did they know it?
Show Details26min 20s
Episode #19. Marriage Trouble?
Show Details17min 38s
Episode #18. A New Reason Alex May Do Time
Show Details17min 28s
Episode #17. Seismic Discovery Sends Shockwaves Across SC
Show Details22min 22s
Episode #16. The Death of Stephen Smith (updated)
Show Details21min 45s
Episode #15. Death, Corruption & Missing Money
Show Details26min 8s
Episode #14. An Arrest is Made and Alex Tells His Story
Show Details16min 12s
Episode #13. Is There Video?
Show Details14min 9s
Episode #12. Who Shot Alex? + Follow The Money!
Show Details30min 4s
Episode #11. Who Scared Connor Cook?
Show Details24min 57s
Episode #10. Murdaugh 911 Call
Show Details11min 15s
Episode #9. Boating Accident Audio & Reports
Show Details32min 37s
Episode #8. E.R. Drama!
Show Details29min 48s
Episode #7. Fatal Boat Crash – Alleged Conspiracy & Cover Up
Show Details28min 18s
Episode #6. New Evidence & More Questions
Show Details22min 42s
Episode #5. The History of The Murdaugh Family
Show Details18min 38s
Episode #4. A Look At The Cases Through An Attorney's Eyes
Show Details17min 53s
Episode #3. The Death of Stephen Smith Case...Reopened
Show Details24s
Episode #2. The Fatal Boating Accident
Show Details32min 6s
Episode #1. The Murdaugh Double Homicide
Show Details19min 32s
Coming Soon!
Show Details5min 52s