Jared and Jared's Super Max: A Salary Cap Fantasy NBA Podcast

Hosted by two college friends named Jared, HoopBall's Super Max is a fantasy basketball podcast focused specifically on the NBA salary cap!

For all the math heads, cap captains, contract killers, and money people out there, this is the best place to evaluate who is being undervalued and who is being overpaid.

This show has you covered for player analysis, draft guides, trade advice, waiver wire adds and drops, sleepers, and how to win your league while staying under the budget.


Season Begins, Rookie Extensions ... and Ben Simmons
Show Details44min 25s
Salary Cap Draft Recap, Part 2
Show Details55min 12s
ROY and 6MOY Picks, Luxury Tax, Draft Strategies
Show Details37min 44s
Salary Cap Draft Recap, Part 1
Show Details36min 56s
Why Salary Cap
Show Details38min 13s
Super Max Player Debate Demo
Show Details46min 55s
An Introduction to Super Max
Show Details18min 42s