A podcast show about Independent comic books or at least that's the lie we tell ourselves, because as hard as we try which isn't that hard we can't ever seem to stay on topic but that has truly become the secret sauce of the entire show. The core crew made up of six very different comic book collectors that have a range of views that not only differ from one another but are completely at odds with each other we may get rowdy but we always respect one another's views no matter how different from our own or how much we may disagree. Whatever indie comic book of the week we choose to discuss we always end up going down a rabbit hole of topics spanning anywhere from history, politics, conspiracies and beliefs that creates a recipe for pure comedy gold.

We go live on YouTube every Thursday at 10pm central time join us in the chat to talk to us live! YouTube Channel name is HYDRA COMICS


Knock! Knock!... Who is it?... Jew!... Jew Who?... JEWMAMA!!!
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I traded million dollar Pokémon cards for mashed potatoes!
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Mel Gibson did nothing wrong!
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Wok whatever you are it's a non-white piece of shit!
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They took those parts from real hard working white women bro!
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Hail Hydra The Woman Beater!
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If you ask me nicely to whoop you're ass I will
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You don't know what Melmac was like motherfucker!
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Oh you're transitioning?.... Uh just for a little bit!
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I did it all for the nookie!
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I'm not gonna like Jizz all over one page!
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Wok blows America!
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Hello Wok can you even hear me!?
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What I'm trying to say is that you can eat my ass
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WTF is an Indie Comic Book!?
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