Bark & Peej know EVERYTHING

Bark and Peej at least THINK they know everything. From loud trucks, anarchy and sex and being certified Google medical WILL learn something about common sense today!


#7 - We know Comedians....Alex Velluto joins us for today's episode!
Show Details47min 53s
#6 - We know porno and how to get to heaven!
Show Details37min 9s
#5 - We know online sales, adulting, and call of duty!
Show Details1hr 22min
#4 - We know YouTube and Facebook and the hateful people that frequent them.
Show Details41min 38s
#3 - We know Nothing is worse than.........
Show Details52min 50s
#2 - We know conspiracy theories
Show Details54min 57s
#1 - We know loud trucks and country rap
Show Details29min 42s