Excuse Me, That's Illegal

Need a little break from stories of murder and heartache? Join your boy Leroy as he takes a hardcore look at some softcore crimes. New episodes on the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month!


050- Oops... I Forgot!
Show Details33min 29s
049- Dirty Deeds Done at Denny's
Show Details35min 10s
048- Sleeping on the Rob
Show Details27min 21s
047- Don't Mess With Grannies
Show Details29min 59s
046- The Bushwacker
Show Details28min 23s
045- Full of Baloney
Show Details27min 13s
044- The Manure Masturbator
Show Details28min 1s
043- The Ball and Chain Bandit
Show Details30min 6s
042- The Boozy Bucket List
Show Details29min 43s
041- Bangin' on the Bongos
Show Details28min 19s
040- Stomp!
Show Details27min 47s
039- Dorky DUI’s
Show Details29min 10s
038- Say No To... Snacks?
Show Details30min 26s
037- The Sneaky Shopper
Show Details29min 37s
036- The Customer Is Always....Wrong
Show Details30min 2s
035- Sex on a Train
Show Details27min 39s
034- Bad Choices
Show Details29min 1s
033- Dartman
Show Details26min 8s
032- Urine Trouble
Show Details24min 41s
031- Dude, Where's My Dog?
Show Details30min 34s
030- Forbidden Lovers
Show Details30min 39s
029- Brain-Dead Bandits
Show Details27min 53s
028- The California Casanova
Show Details30min 34s
027- The Sloppy Sleepover
Show Details26min 59s
026- Brawlin' at the Buffet
Show Details29min 25s
025- Scooter Madness
Show Details25min 58s
024- Gone Fishing
Show Details29min 33s
023- Back to School
Show Details32min 7s
022- The Nighttime Nailer
Show Details26min 37s
021- Relaxin' at the Ranch
Show Details27min 53s
020- Cookie Monsters
Show Details26min 55s
019- Chew on This
Show Details26min 2s
018- No Money, No Problem
Show Details30min 20s
017- The Shitshow
Show Details26min 27s
016- Softcore Scrooges
Show Details28min 12s
015- Gnome Sweet Gnome
Show Details31min 46s
014- The Douche Canoe
Show Details28min 26s
013 - No Such Thing As A Free Breakfast
Show Details24min 50s
012- Fast Food Frenzy
Show Details26min 6s
011-The Ragu Robbers
Show Details22min 51s
010- Year of the Yolk
Show Details24min 6s
009- The Tea Party
Show Details21min 7s
008- The Pizza Pie Prankster
Show Details23min 41s
007- The Doorbell Don Juan
Show Details23min 10s
006- Wishing Well Weasel
Show Details21min 24s
005- Don't Come Around Here No More
Show Details23min 37s
004- The Pennsylvania Pincher
Show Details20min 21s
003- Jimmy Baggz
Show Details21min 31s
002- The Mad Pooper
Show Details24min 5s
001- Pints and Pounds
Show Details21min 52s