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Allegedly Okay

Hi friends! Welcome to our podcast, where we'll discuss all kinds of experiences that we've had in our lives thus far. Topics range from our awful relationships to us possibly growing up in a cult(?) Despite these crazy experiences, we still turned out to be okay... allegedly. Nonetheless! Please stay tuned to hear our stories and hopefully relate to them. If not, we hope you at least enjoy listening.


EP.9: How to Cope // Heartbreak
Show Details25min 47s
Ep.8 Season 2? // Just Catching Up
Show Details27min 13s
EP7: Work // Bad Work Experiences
Show Details23min 18s
EP.6: Jesus, Take The Wheel // Religion.
Show Details24min 13s
EP5: Players Gonna Play // F*ccbois
Show Details22min 13s
EP.4: The Struggle Bus // Life at a Predominantly White High School
Show Details26min 5s
EP.3: To the Left, to the Left // Living in a Conservative Vietnamese Community.
Show Details22min 16s
EP.2: You're Toxic, I'm Slippin Under // Toxic Relationships.
Show Details25min 47s
EP.1: Going With the Flow // Periods.
Show Details14min 47s