Ep. 34 | Pt. 1: The Meaning of Servant Leadership

24m | Feb 23, 2024

Welcome back to Lead On! We are joined by married couple Kory and Chelsey Gray both out of the Marines and now Vetrepreneurs. In this entertaining episode we cover servant leadership, the transition to the military while keeping the faith, and becoming a Company Honor Man. Check back in 2 weeks for part 2! 

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Host: David Dearie


Chelsey Gray, Vetrepreneur

Kory Gray, Vetrepreneur

Time Stamps & Show Notes: 

(00:00 - 02:08) Introduction 

(02:09 - 04:23) Worst Advice Received Segment

(04:24 - 09:59) The Meaning of Servant Leadership

(10:00 - 17:58) Challenging Transition to the Marines 

(17:59 - 23:09) Becoming Company Honor Man

(23:10 - 24:42) Closing

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