Pre-orders for "The Spirit of Justice" Are Now Open!

12m | Jan 25, 2024
Finally, finally, finally you can pre-order my latest book The Spirit of Justice: Stories of Faith, Race, and Resistance! This is a book for all those who are weary and heavy-laden. It encourages you by telling the true stories of people who found reservoirs of strength—what I call the spirit of justice—to resist oppression and keep on keeping on. If you pre-order the book you get several bonuses. You get exclusive access to the first chapter of the book. You get access to my keynote message from “The Color of Compromise 5-Year Anniversary Event” where I give a talk titled: Three Characteristics of Historical Truth-Seekers. Finally, you get 30% off when you order from or the guaranteed lowest price when you order from Amazon. Plus, pre-orders help put the book on the radar for other bookstores so it can be distributed widely, and they are a huge part of helping a book get on bestseller lists. So tell everyone! Tell you local library, indie bookstore, church, seminary, college, and more to get copies of the book. Share this message on social media and with your friends. Pre-orders are now OPEN!!!  Remember to support historical truth-telling and racial justice: Subscribe to Get your racial justice merch!   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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