"God & Country": An Interview with Director Dan Partland

56m | Feb 14, 2024
I have often said, "White Christian nationalism is the greatest threat to democracy and the witness of the church in the United States today." Now there's a documentary showing and telling why this is true.  I talk to Dan Partland, the director of "God & Country" a feature-length documentary film that "takes a closer look at the dangerous implications and explores how a base of Christians has radically stoked a movement erasing the line between Church and State."  Partland explains how he approached the delicate tension of truth-telling while still engaging a potentially skeptical audience. He describes how film can be a uniquely effective medium for opening people to dialogue. And we explore the controversy that has already surrounded the film.  See the "God & Country" trailer here.  By my books:  Subscribe to my Substack:  Get your merch:  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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