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Hot Takes and Beer Breaks

We are a group of friends that drink beer and talk news, sports, politics, and much more. We drink too much, laugh some more, and inform too little. So please enjoy a Beer Break with us!!!


Good bye Hot Takes and Beer Breaks?
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Hot Sauce in my Condom Swag
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New Year Same Pod
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2021 Trivia
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Spiderman No Way Home
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Christmas Trivia Extravaganza
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Just Jon
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Harry Small Dick Truman
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Cancel Culture
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Thanksgiving Episode
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Taylor Swift vs Jake Gyllenhaal and Mental Health
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Jon is back and never leaving again
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When Jon's away the Boys will play
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Revenge of the 6th
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DC Fandome, Jackson Mahomes, and the Rock does Rap
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Dave Chappelle, John Gruden, and the Zodiac Killer
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Squid game with Couch Guy presented by Venom
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R. Kelly, David Dobrik, and Mario?
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Shang Chi
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Met Gala Mandate
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Too many Stupid People
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Donda vs CLB
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NFL Pre Season Predictions
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Giant Mechanical Robot P**n
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Is Love Blind? no
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Justin’s Back
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Activision Blizzard
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Black Widow
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Water Shortage
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Cuba 🇨🇺
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Rachel Nichols
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Astrology Reading
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Britney Spears
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H3 vs Steven Crowder
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Homelessness Problem
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The Talk
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Critical Race Theory
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Hard Breadstick
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Lord Justin
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Poor mans Drumstick
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Best Animated Super Hero Show
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The no Joe Rogan Podcast
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Josh Fight
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The Falcon and The Winter Soldier
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Transgender Athletes
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Joe Biden
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DMV Fun Facts
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Filibuster Duscussion
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David Dobrik
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Asian American Hate Crime
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Royal Allegations
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Biden our time in Syria
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Happy Birthday Myles!!!!
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Don’t hit people
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Free Britney
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Lord of Courtside Relief
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Hats or Mittens?
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How much money would it take?
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Dumbest Revolution Ever
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Love Juice
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Daisy Growing in Garbage
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Christmas Movie Bracket Pt. 2
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Christmas movie Bracket pt. 1
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Recipe for Seduction
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$33 an Episode
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Mustache You a Question
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Tyson V Jones JR
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Thanksgiving Episode
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Elote (Mexican Street Corn)
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Fantasy Basketball
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Biden Wins?
Show Details15min 36s
Everything but Politics
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How I Met Your Mother Ending Debate
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Show Details30min 37s
Sandler Cinematic Universe
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Hazmat Voting
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Best Disney Movie Bracket
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Meteor 2020
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Keep Saying Her Name
Show Details24min 49s
Biden vs Trump
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Jon Speak Good
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Is it a Goodyear though?
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NFL Week 1 Recap
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Odell #2 Reciever
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Hot Takes and Trouser Snakes
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Mask Off
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I am the Night
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Drake V MJ?
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Star Wars
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Short One
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Welcome to the Ellen Show
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2020 NFL Talk
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Why don't people like me
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AO Clap back
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Hamilton is the name
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Off the Rip
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A Dolphin is a Whale
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Back to the news
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Dave Chappelle: 8:46
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Be water
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Avatar the Last Airbender
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Holy Takes and Quantum Breaks
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The Last Dance
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Hot Takes #1 and ACTION!!!
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Show Details40min 27s
Technical Difficulties
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Reopen the Pod
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Retirement Planning
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Why Not Dragon Pastor?
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Tiger King
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House Arrest
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The Pod Must Go On
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Wash Your Stuff
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Tuesday Man
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Hot takes and Hand Size
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$#!T if I know
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Pizza, French Fry
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Please don't sue us
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Stool Sample
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Slow Getaway
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Jack Willson our Hero
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Holiday Special
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A Fish named Richard
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Spygate goes Hollywood
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Welcome to Candy Land
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Thanksgiving Fun
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