You don't have to be famous to be a badass. Badasses can be regular people, just like you and me. Being a badass is all about being the best version of yourself. On this podcast, we give you practical life advice on how you can overcome any obstacle and be on top of your game so you can become your own badass.


15: 20 Things in 2020
Show Details50min 50s
14: Making the Most of Your Holiday Break
Show Details33min
13: Unleashing Your Inner Creativity
Show Details51min 59s
12: What is Imposter Syndrome & How to Combat It
Show Details48min 30s
11: Live & Let Live
Show Details52min
10: Learning to Live in the Moment
Show Details46min 28s
09: Life Update & How I'm Pivoting
Show Details45min 56s
08: Goal Setting
Show Details37min 28s
07: The Science Behind Procrastination
Show Details32min 37s
06: How to Find Your Purpose
Show Details34min 1s
05: Time Management – The Secret to Managing It All!
Show Details31min 43s
04: Hustle Culture — The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Show Details32min 31s
03: How to stay motivated and avoid burnout to reach your goals
Show Details42min 3s
02: Overcoming Fear
Show Details33min 30s
01: Introduction
Show Details38min 6s
00: Trailer
Show Details2min 47s