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[Insert] Name Here is a weekly show created by Obvious Nonsense Entertainment where two young Black women from Boston get way too hyped talking about politics and other pop culture events. We make that race where you don't know the name of anyone running interesting!


43. Batman Gives Head!
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42. They Beefin'.
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41. Unfoolish
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Local news and good ole racism never gets old. This week Kim Janey is being a fool trying to rush people back to work. Anansi the spider is polling ahead of everyone with Wu right behind her. The UNC Board of Trustees are full of racist that denied the creator of the 1619 project Nikole Hannah-Jones tenure at UNC's journalism school. Rick Santorum thinks Native American did nothing when it comes to American culture. OHHH and there is a Jim Crow creek, canyon, and road somewhere in Cali named after a native Hawaiian man whose name def wasn't Jim.

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Published Jun 4, 2021 at 5:07am
40. Big Mistake
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39. Masks
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38. Joke Biden/Budden
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37. Bike Life
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36. Bobcat
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35. Human Guile
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34. DMX
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33. 1933
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32. My CRV is Gun Metal Gray, My Mayor is Black
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31. A Few Years Ago Quite Recently
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30. Green Eggs and Ham?
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29. Bobby B*tch
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28. Don't Rush
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27. Gorilla Glue
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26. And the Nobel Peace Prize Goes to...
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24. Cornpop is Home
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22. Black People Saved Y'all Again
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21. F**k the BP*
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20. Covid-giving
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19. They Goin' Coocoo for Coup Coup Puffs
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18. 78 Inches of Punk B*tch
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17. Omaha
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16. Black Lives Matter All Around the World
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15. Aye Man, Say Man
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14. Stop Sexualizing Black Girls
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13. Tony Hawk Give Us a Skate Park!
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12. We Are Done
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11. Let's Buy a Strip Club
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10. They Tryina Take the Trees
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9. Markeychusetts
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8. Apologize to Kyrie
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7. Ed Markey's Been Eating S#!%$ Like You for Breakfast
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6. Kamala the Cop or Cornpop
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5. RIP Pizza Man
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4. Buy Our Merch, Please
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3. Covid Made the Ants Brolic
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2. Everybody's Cancelled
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1. O.N.E.
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