Nipsey Hussle and The State of The Black Community & College Cheating Scandal

Season 8 | Episode 12
1h 12m | Apr 2, 2019
Vid Buggs: There are many sides to Vid. Some people say that he is serious, complex, spiritual and mysterious. After spending time with him, others describe Vid as loving, funny, goal-oriented, encouraging and transparent. They are all correct.  Athlete. Scholar. Entrepreneur. Philanthropist. Author. Speaker. Poet. Consultant. Volunteer. Coach. A modern-day “Renaissance man,” Vid Buggs is a man of diverse interests who directs his many talents towards bringing people together, encouraging them to look past their differences to unite to make the world a better place.  The secret is – there really is no secret. Vid’s philosophy is that perseverance, positivity and a heart full of love will enable us to rise above our struggles and become the instruments to spark constructive societal change. Kimberly A. Morrow-Kimberly A. Morrow is an educator worth knowing. She is on a mission to empower parents to become better advocates for their children. A few would deny that most parents of any race or socio-economic background want nothing but the best for their children. However, parents are often confronted with issues of not knowing essential study skills for children, new technology, preparing their child for college and tackling their child’s learning deficiency and more. Morrow is driven to guide parents on ways their children can overcome barriers that may impact their learning. These are some of the important issues highlighted in her debut book, 8 Pearls of Wisdom: A Parenting Guide: Empowering Children is the Way to Go!   "The Chat" Co-Hosted by Paula B
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