Genese Dadzie - Uncovering the Freedom you Have Within!

Season 9 | Episode 9
1h 7m | Aug 15, 2023
Grief can turn our world upside down, but there is always a way through. And there can be great joy on the other side. Genese Dadzie is a keynote speaker who teaches how to become an emotional conqueror. She spoke about the importance of emotional intelligence and how to go from sorrow to joy.  Over the years I have studied behavioral patterns and have gathered enough information to inspire others to approach negative situations with calm and balance of emotions. Our bodies have a beautiful system called homeostasis, this helps us to regulate & balance our health. Becoming an emotional conqueror means that you no longer have to be subject to those stressors that lead to poor decisions and physiological damage caused by low vibrations.  I have learned to personally master my emotions while facing life's hardships to the point that any negative emotions that rise up inside can be eliminated swiftly.
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