Season 8 | Episode 14
1h 11m | Dec 4, 2019
Ask Yourself Do you experience the joy that comes from living a balanced life?  Do you possess the skills, habits, and attitude for an empowered life?  Can you bring out your best and stop settling for less?  Want to have more fun in your life?  Searching for inner peace and contentment without compromising success?  Interested in overcoming the obstacles that keep you from being fit, trim and healthy?  Are you ready to celebrate life… and the best you can be?  In more than 25 years as a practicing Educational Counselor and Psychotherapist, Rhonda M. Farrah, MA, DRWA has consulted with clients and companies in a variety of industries and environments. Rhonda has applied her experience and education as a coach, author, speaker, and teacher specializing in Health and Wellness Empowerment in all aspects of Life. As a speaker, Rhonda has proved to be a highly articulate and effective communicator, recognized for her creativity; and a visionary who sees “the big picture”. Her imaginative flair has served others, and earned her recognition as a resource person, problem solver, and creative leader. Rhonda is blessed in that she excels in developing and presenting seminars and classes based on a balanced lifestyle; all including her key areas of experience ranging from Human Dynamics & Development, Motivation, to Spiritual Awareness & Development.
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