• 4. Runaway Bride Rewatch - Movie Report

    Kayla and Alyssa at The Wedding Reporter Podcast rewatched Runaway Bride, the 1999 romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. We're breaking down all of the late 90s fashion trends and each wedding style Julia Roberts ran away from - including her latest wedding at the end! See which trends we love vs. which ones we could do without. We won't leave out any romantic comedy movie magic! Email us at info@nashvillebrideguide.com and tell us what you think after rewatching Runaway Bride!

    Runaway Bride fun facts sprinkled in from:


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    36m | Feb 28, 2024
  • 3. Personalized & Meaningful Wedding Food & Catering Moments: Interview w/Jim Hagy of Chef's Market - Vendor Report

    Chef's Market is a full service catering company for weddings and corporate events. And Chef's Market is also a restaurant and gift shop located just north of Nashville. And they're ready to serve couples getting married with any cuisine they desire for their wedding catering.

    Today we're talking all about personalized and meaningful wedding food and catering moments. Owner of Chef's Market, Jim Hagy is here to give us all of the latest on wedding food trends and shares his 30+ years of expertise with us on how to have the best food experience possible for your guests.

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    34m | Feb 21, 2024
  • 2. Are You Engaged and Anxious? Overcoming Wedding Anxiety: Interview w/ Gina Palmeri - Vendor Report

    Are you engaged and anxious? Gina Palmeri is a relationship coach and she's here to give you some tips on how to overcome anxiety when you are engaged.

    Gina is a Relationship Anxiety Coach in Nashville, TN. After working through her own relationship anxiety before getting married in 2017, she now coaches men and women to help them confidently navigate this life transition to live their happily ever after.  She loves helping her clients restore their self trust and heal their anxiety from the root, instead of just coping with band aid solutions. Gina also has a photography business and runs the tour company Photowalk Nashville, where she loves giving brides and bachelorettes a fun and memorable experience!

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    29m | Feb 11, 2024
  • 1. Pro Hockey Player Austin Watson Weds Longtime Girlfriend: Interview w/ Jenn Watson - Wedding Report

    Pro Hockey Player Austin Watson marries longtime girlfriend Jenn Watson in an idyllic wedding at Mint Springs Farm in Nashville, TN. Wife Jenn is here to give us all the scoop on their beautiful wedding day. With so many tears flowing to their first dance song, Tennessee Whiskey, to their two little girls walking down the aisle as flower girls, all beneath a beautiful black and white classic setting. You won't want to miss what Jenn has to say about how they met, their road to sobriety and all of the fun dress changes on their wedding day!

    28m | Feb 11, 2024
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