Nightmare Fuel

Nightmare Fuel is a podcast that started out by narrating creepy stories. We now tell real life nightmare stories that have occurred throughout history.

Episodes release twice a month on Wednesdays!


The Bath School Disaster
Show Details23min 39s
Does It Hurt?
Show Details15min 8s
The Late Late Show
Show Details10min 32s
It Wasn't a Reindeer
Show Details12min 22s
Resurrection & Friends
Show Details6min 59s
The Flight
Show Details8min 28s
Moss Man
Show Details12min 48s
Roots of Wewoka
Show Details10min 30s
The Old TV
Show Details4min 20s
My Wife's Face
Show Details12min 59s
A Real Life Monster
Show Details13min 57s
The "I Love You" Murders
Show Details4min 36s
The Wooden Box
Show Details4min 22s
What I Saw The Day My Friend Died
Show Details14min 9s
The Well
Show Details7min 53s
The Mysterious Elevator
Show Details12min 17s
The Blood Keeper
Show Details16min 45s
Show Details5min 45s
Lavender Town Syndrome
Show Details3min
Show Details8min 6s
My Sleepwalking Wife
Show Details8min 28s
The Case of the Scarecrow
Show Details6min 46s
My Father Punished Me When I Talked to Ghosts
Show Details11min 48s
A Crow Taught Me How to Fly
Show Details6min 42s
Four Short Stories
Show Details16min
Rabbits in the Creek
Show Details14min 24s
The Pocket Watch
Show Details9min 1s
Weed Farm
Show Details19min 5s
My Mom's New Diet is Killing Her
Show Details10min 13s
The Van Ness Asylum
Show Details16min 32s
Only The Pills
Show Details16min 59s
Kosciusko, Texas
Show Details11min 16s
The Buzzing Sound
Show Details12min 38s
Show Details10min 54s
Something is Wrong in Yellowstone Park
Show Details15min 48s
Heavenly Skin
Show Details13min 2s
Chef the Griller
Show Details8min 13s
The Never Ending Road
Show Details2min 8s
Need Your Help
Show Details1min 46s
Who's in My Bed?
Show Details52s
Wake Up
Show Details1min 11s
Locked Doors
Show Details1min 5s
Why the Jaws Ride Really Closed
Show Details7min 51s
Show Details8min 53s
The Camera Girl
Show Details20min 45s
Maybe It Will All Go Away
Show Details4min 42s
The Taker
Show Details4min 23s
The Letter About A Boy
Show Details3min 1s
Show Details13min 20s
The Slime
Show Details12min 23s
Come Closer
Show Details5min 30s
Fisher of Men
Show Details10min 9s
BONUS FUEL // Rules of Cornfields
Show Details2min 8s
BONUS FUEL // The Piano Man
Show Details6min 28s
The 8th Man
Show Details14min 36s
Show Details5min 1s
BONUS FUEL // Sleepwalking
Show Details8min 18s
It Started With a Whisper
Show Details7min 16s
My Mom Has Been Missing
Show Details13min 1s
Correct Classroom Behavior
Show Details10min 5s
You Look A Lot Like My Son
Show Details15min 49s
Show Details3min 16s
The Girl and the Glass
Show Details17min 32s
Show Details2min 28s
The Accident
Show Details2min 52s
Warrior of God
Show Details2min 56s
Why I Quit My Security Job...
Show Details9min 16s
The Last Emergency Call
Show Details7min 40s
This New Old House
Show Details2min 6s
Within the Darkness
Show Details9min 50s
The Shadow in the Trees
Show Details11min 15s
What They Don't Tell You About the Dead
Show Details2min 12s
The 8th Floor
Show Details14min 20s
Hidden Game
Show Details5min 22s
The Girl in the Photograph
Show Details3min 37s
The Perfect Plan
Show Details2min 12s
Wrong Definition
Show Details3min 23s
First Day of School
Show Details2min 56s
Show Details2min 24s
The Bridge
Show Details1min 39s