Fantasy NFL Today

A brand new daily fantasy football show hosted by Anthony Germain, presents “Fantasy NFL Today,” a fantasy football show!

Delivering everything you need to dominate your league and leave your opponents in the dust, this show is here for the long haul. The rinse-and-repeat ADP rankings and cookie cutter advice ends now! AG has a bulletproof pre-draft strategy, will help you properly navigate your waiver wire and guide you to make a deep playoff run.

The podcast offers clever against-the-grain strategy, not only in fantasy, but also tackles the betting market in our unique “Lock It Up” segment. We’ll identify the best spreads, totals, and props we think we can take advantage of and cash those tickets!


Denver Broncos Confusing Backfield
Show Details53min 46s
Las Vegas Raiders, Tight End Time
Show Details51min 22s
A Lone Value on the Kansas City Chiefs
Show Details20min 9s
The LA Chargers and Running Back Strategy
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A Monster Sleeper on the Indianapolis Colts
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Nothing Not to Like about the Tennessee Titans
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Jacksonville Jaguars and One of Our Biggest Sleepers
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Houston Texans, Bleak but Cheap
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Top 10 Fantasy Running Backs for 2021
Show Details21min 25s
Buffalo Bills Fantasy Outlook
Show Details46min 18s
Miami Dolphins Fantasy Outlook
Show Details40min 21s
New England Patriots Fantasy Outlook
Show Details44min 39s
New York Jets Fantasy Outlook
Show Details29min 27s
Cleveland Browns Fantasy Preview
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Cincinnati Bengals Fantasy Season Preview
Show Details17min 14s
Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Preview
Show Details27min 32s
The Pittsburgh Steelers Fantasy Season Preview
Show Details38min 7s
Best Fantasy NFL Draft Strategy
Show Details46min 6s
Welcome to the Show, Here's What We Do
Show Details10min 56s