Super Fight Freaks

A rising professional boxer alongside his former trainer and brother guide you through the happenings of the fight game.


Is Ryan Garcia a COWARD or the BRAVEST boxer of all time? All that and more!
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Canelo's ACTUAL record revealed & *Canelo vs Plant* & *Usman vs Covington* HIGH IQ ONLY
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Anthony Joshua Dumbest Boxer of all Time? Fury vs Wilder 3 *Hard and Fast*
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Nick Diaz was DIFFERENT.. Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett is a FALSE FLAG *High IQ Fight Talk*
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Pacquiao has left the game.. PLUS! CM Punk is STILL the GAYEST In The World!
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- Pacquiao vs Ugas came at went, how do the freaks feel?

- CM Punk is back and GAYER than ever baby!

- Edrones sitting in the nosebleeds at Summerslam

- Eddie Hearn trying to make the fight of the century in Romango vs

Dongo 3 or some shit.

- 3 Trannies absolutely BTFO'd a hater

- Roundtable about the Macy's worker who got his shit pushed in by a "human" "american"

1hr 20min
Published Aug 28, 2021 at 4:17am
Pacquiao vs Ugas ... Dare I say, BASED?! We TRIED to talk boxing.
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Wrestling fans and fight fans are about as self aware as anime fans, SAD
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Wrestling fans in 2021 are disgusting mutants? PLUS LISTENER MAILBAG!
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Mayweather is Officially The GAYEST Ever plus Tank vs Mexican and Lomachenko vs Chinese *Boxing* *Wrasslin'*
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It didnt always used to be gay did it? *Boxing, UFC, Wrestling*
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High IQ fight talk & Why Pacquiao vs Spence is a filter
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Two ABSOLUTE UNITS.. Ruiz vs Arreola (Only honest talk you'll hear on the subject)
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An April recap of the fight game, Askren vs Paul as well as Masvidal vs Usman talk. *Boxing UFC*
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Ep 1: The Train is Leaving the Station.. *Boxing, MMA, WWE*
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