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Each episode is something different. So have a drink with the hosts, and join them on a wacky and wonderful adventure. You never know what you'll hear.


Christmas Leftovers: Beers Cheers II
Show Details33min 3s
Happy New Year!!
Show Details40min 40s
Christmas Beers, Cheers!
Show Details48min 24s
Operation Midnight Sun: The Road Trip
Show Details1hr 7min
Sunny Krishna
Show Details29min 22s
Wacky Dad Jokes and Some Memes
Hide Details44min 24s

In this fun episode, Frank has a bunch of dad jokes and memes for Reid to react to. Why does a golfer wear two pairs of socks? Listen and laugh along with the hosts to find out.

NOTE: Link to "Joe Exotic" podcast series that Reid mentioned. Look for Season 2.

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44min 24s
Published Oct 9, 2021 at 9:00pm
The Wicky Wacky 4th of July
Show Details29min 6s
Wacky Sportketball
Show Details39min 38s
Wild Eostre (Easter Short)
Show Details16min 13s
Wacky Presidents
Show Details34min 7s
Sloppy Cuts
Show Details10min 53s
Christmas Special
Show Details48min 52s
The Wicky Wacky Premier
Show Details18min 26s