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The Wicky Wacky Radio Show

A show about anything. From, this show is more fun and relaxed. Here, we don't focus on news and politics. If you want that, subscribe to Conservative Conversations.

Each episode is something different. So have a drink with the hosts, and join them on a wacky and wonderful adventure. You never know what you'll hear.

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Famous June
Show Details35min 34s
May the Force
Show Details37min 56s
Cinco de Wacko
Show Details1hr 5min
Faux Fan Mail
Show Details38min 48s
The Real Fake Show
Show Details35min 36s
Valentine's Day with a Guest
Show Details53min 47s
Chinese New Year
Show Details42min 35s
Christmas Leftovers: Beers Cheers II
Show Details33min 3s
Happy New Year!!
Show Details40min 40s
Christmas Beers, Cheers!
Hide Details48min 24s

Merry Christmas, everybody! Put on your Santa hats and get your beer bellies ready. Frank and Reid are back with their 2nd annual Christmas episode. In this festive fun filled adventure, the guys do a blind taste testing of a few Christmas holiday beers.

The two hosts give a few comments, and answer some questions about the beers. Ultimately ranking them and revealing if we correctly guessed which beer is which. You can find the names of the beers below if you would like to play along at home. For extra fun, take a big drink anytime Reid or Frank say “folks”.

As always, please leave a rating and review if you like what you hear. You can now also subscribe to The Wicky Wacky Radio Show on Youtube. Additional content related to this episode can be found at our website. Don’t forget to check out our other show, Conservative Conversations, for our latest commentary on today’s news. Feel free to send us your feedback directly by email. All info can be found below. We’d love to hear from you.

Beers on the Menu:

  • Shiner Holiday Cheer
  • -Columbus Brewing Co. Citra Noel
  • -MadTree Holly Days
  • -Rhinegeist Dad
  • -Goose Island Christmas IPA
  • -Urban Artifact Xmas Pickle



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**Intro song adapted from Jolly Old St Nicholas (Instrumental) by E's Jammy Jams**

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