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That Brooklyn Film Show

Cinephiles unite! Join two Brooklyn film lovers, siblings Sibongile and Jabari Touré as they take conversational and enticing journeys through film. The duo will discuss and analyze films of yesterday, today, and imagine the films of tomorrow. Together you will laugh, cry, scream and shout, as the hosts will do all that and more. New Episodes release on Tuesdays.


Everything Everywhere All At Once ... and more.
Show Details56min 48s
The Multiverse
Show Details1hr
Coming of Age
Show Details42min 43s
...And don't call me Shirley (TBFS Throwback!)
Show Details35min 18s
Gee Wilikers Batman!
Show Details1hr 17min
Evolution of Rom Coms
Show Details1hr 11min
Show Details57min 11s
Satoshi Kon
Show Details1hr 5min
Holiday Season Is Upon Us
Show Details47min 39s
Love Thy Creation
Show Details1hr 15min
Show Details56min 55s
Last Night In Soho
Show Details1hr 6min
A Post-Apocolyptic World
Show Details1hr 16min
Final Destination
Show Details53min 32s
Season 2: The Reintroduction
Show Details1min 20s
Mulan V. Mulan
Show Details53min 18s
Time Travel
Show Details1hr 5min
TBFS Mini :Lovecraft Country-Ep 4, "A History of Violence" Review
Show Details19min 8s
TBFS Mini :Lovecraft Country-Ep 3, "Holy Ghost" Review
Show Details15min 14s
Lovecraftian Horror
Show Details42min 37s
TBFS Mini :Lovecraft Country-Ep 2, "Whitey's on the Moon" Review
Show Details18min 19s
TBFS Mini :Lovecraft Country-Ep 1,"Sundown" Review
Show Details14min 47s
Summer of 2000
Show Details42min 30s
That Brooklyn TV Episode
Show Details38min 24s
Meet the Host
Show Details1hr 1min
Show Details32min 24s
Wong Kar-Wai
Show Details55min 29s
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Show Details12min 33s