Role Radio - A 5e Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Welcome to Role Radio, an actual play, 5th Edition, Dungeons & Dragons Podcast. 

We are a group of old friends who get together every week and have fun playing D&D, and fun for us is role playing, rolling dice, and rolling on the floor laughing. We then take that fun time and edit it , fill it with music, sound effects, and surprises to create a fast paced, cinematic and compelling story so that you can have as much fun listening as we do playing.  

Join us as we travel to the Forgotten Realms and play Wizards of the Coast exciting adventure, Scourge of the Sword Coast. Will the players be able to save the Western Heartlands from the Red Wizards evil plans? Who Knows! Tune in and find out on Role Radio!

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S3E54 - Jacket Size 12
Show Details52min 54s
S3E53 - Kobayashi Maru
Show Details56min 37s
S3E52 - Great Balls of Goof
Show Details40min 2s
S3E51 - Keraptis Pants
Show Details51min 33s
S3E50 - A Belt and Suspenders Type of Gal
Show Details1hr 5min
S3E49 - Ice Bucket?
Show Details1hr 10min
S3E48 - Charisma Blocker
Show Details1hr 7min
S3E47 - I've Got a Bastard On a String
Show Details54min 23s
S3E46 - Witness My Friend's Scary Cloak
Show Details1hr 2min
S2E45 - He's Probably Fine... Said the DM
Show Details1hr 7min
S2E44- Bunch Of Vasholes
Show Details1hr 10min
S2E43 - Thunder Wavius Gravious
Show Details1hr 6min
S2E42: Can't Get Any Wetter
Show Details51min 33s
S2E41 - Knee Deep In Holy Water
Show Details56min 5s
S2E40 - Happy-Go-Lucky Warriors
Show Details54min 57s
S2E39 - Fools Of Great Worth
Show Details1hr 18min
S2E38 - We're Not Playing Empty Dungeons
Show Details51min 5s
S2E37 - Chop... Gurgle... Mother!
Show Details1hr 7min
S2E36 - What Are You Thayan?
Show Details1hr 7min
S2E35 - Rolling High With Oghma
Show Details1hr 12min
S2E34 - Crouching Gnome, Hidden Boar
Show Details1hr 7min
S2E33 - Hey Grickhole, Where You Goin?
Show Details57min 55s
S2E32 - It's Like Putting Frosting On A Cake, But Somebody Dies
Show Details59min 47s
S2E31 - Dear Father, Still Alive, the Killing Has Been Good
Show Details43min 23s
S2E30 - Better Stretch Out Your Hammies
Show Details1hr 8min
S2E29 - Premature Thaumaturgy
Show Details1hr 16min
S1E28 - I Got No More Bread Bro
Show Details1hr 8min
S1E27 - I Need Armor, I Need Quills, I Need Little Tiny Pills!
Show Details1hr
S2E26 - Deducted, Deduced, and Dedungled
Show Details1hr 12min
S2E25 - Super Fun Time Friends
Show Details1hr 3min
S1E24 - The Night of the Twenty
Show Details1hr 18min
S1E23 - Where You Going With Me Ogre!
Show Details57min 57s
S1E22 - We Are Random Fluid
Show Details1hr 8min
S1E21 - Come Get Your Orc Kabobs!
Show Details1hr 4min
S1E20 - Skivvies of Gleaming
Show Details57min 57s
S1E19 - Money...Power...Ladies
Show Details1hr 9min
S1E18 - There's a Body Floating in the Poo!
Show Details59min 26s
S1E17 - Jake and Bake
Show Details1hr 12min
S1E16 - Stinky Poo Poo
Show Details1hr 5min
S1E15 - Hot and Forward
Show Details1hr 9min
S1E14 - Just Another Grick In The Wall
Show Details1hr 1min
S1E13 - We Just Wanna Rest!
Show Details1hr 10min
S1E12 - Anybody Got A Towel?
Show Details59min 37s
S1E11 - Flee!
Show Details1hr 6min
S1E10 - Ducks In A Barrel
Show Details53min 41s
Show Details1hr 9min
S1E08 - I Only Died Once Today
Show Details1hr 3min
S1E07 - Looking Cool Will Get You Killed
Show Details1hr 8min
S1E06 - High Fives In A Bro Like Manner
Show Details1hr 12min
S1E05 - Take A Cold Shower, We Got Guys To Kill!
Show Details56min 43s
S1E04 - You Gotta Be Julkoun
Show Details58min 56s
S1E03 - Something Foul Is Going On Here
Show Details1hr 5min
S1E02 - Sherlyn, You Must Be Joking
Show Details1hr 18min
S1E01: Go Pack Your Skivvies!
Show Details1hr 25min