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LCTRfan (aka "Lecture Fan") is the original #1 conservative lawyer on Twitch, streaming daily since 2014.

LCTRfan gives you a considered opinion on American politics from the perspective of a constitutional conservative who believes in traditional morals, traveling the world, and being willing to listen.

Join him on this podcast for a weekly deep dive into the current hot topics of American media and culture.

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FREE SPEECH: From Founding Fathers to Section 230
Show Details1hr 5min
Exclusive Content: Biden Border Crisis
Show Details26min 49s
An Immigration Crisis and the Purpose of the Senate
Show Details27min 31s
Federalist Papers #2 and the Doctors of COVID
Show Details3hr 1min
Democrat Policies Ruining Immigration
Show Details41min 53s
Housing Market Frenzy in the Middle of a Woke Pandemic
Show Details27min 23s
Poor People Should Have Kids Too
Show Details39min 3s
Too Much Government in America
Show Details39min 3s
COVID Restrictions or Freedom?
Show Details29min 18s
Dr. Seuss Is Not Cancelled Here
Show Details46min 31s
Carbon Tax and Other Disastrous Democrat Policies
Show Details56min 42s
Federalist Papers #1 | Plus, Health Secretary Confirmation, Biden Policies, and Real Estate
Show Details50min 36s
What's going on with the Markets!? Leftist Racism. COVID is DOWN! Green Blackouts!?
Show Details1hr 5min
Conservative Politics on Twitch?
Show Details2hr 54min
Sunday News Talk Shows
Show Details36min 23s
Introduction - Episode 00
Show Details30s