FOH with Kelly Sullivan and Lillian DeVane

FOH (front of house) is a weekly podcast about the restaurant industry brought to you by two service industry veterans. Sometimes political, usually dumb, always a good dang laugh!


Big Jerk-Off
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Suicide By Kelly
Show Details46min 4s
Show Us Your Papers
Show Details57min 30s
**UNLOCKED** Hit List Patreon Episode!
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Say More
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Blood Uncle
Show Details40min 19s
Call Rebecca
Show Details50min 57s
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166: Brad's Drink
Show Details38min 3s
165: Before I've Had My Coffee
Show Details51min 26s
164: Resy x DOD
Show Details38min 19s
163: Moxie
Show Details44min 54s
162: Everybody Here Loves You
Show Details41min 40s
161: It's Bubble
Show Details40min 11s
160: Ya-ling Ya-ling
Show Details38min 48s
159: Summer Of Vomit
Show Details37min 41s
158: The Washington
Show Details32min 46s
157: Big White Sunglasses
Show Details54min 55s
156: Havana Syndrome
Show Details33min 15s
155: Back On The Horses
Show Details37min 6s
154: Stick Her Sous
Show Details41min 31s
153: Chally Chat
Show Details42min 2s
152: Lord Dracula
Show Details32min 31s
151: Don't Make Me Tap The Sign
Show Details40min 31s
150: No Regrets
Show Details42min 3s
149: Oat Tillman
Show Details32min 38s
148: Doublespeak
Show Details42min 11s
147: CLIP SHOW: The Best Of The Worst
Show Details1hr 8min
146: Party Girl
Show Details39min 53s
145: Nerd Problem
Show Details41min 26s
144: Original Computer
Show Details36min 56s
143: All Moms Are Sponsored Moms
Show Details42min 1s
142: **UNLOCKED** Art Bell & John Lear Patreon
Show Details38min 9s
141: Shortlisted
Show Details38min 51s
140: Know Your Watershed
Show Details43min 31s
139: Annihilation of Fun
Show Details34min 5s
138: Hollywood Wine Agents
Show Details46min 11s
137: Over The Top
Show Details55min 16s
136: Downtown
Show Details49min 41s
135: What's The Grog
Show Details34min 41s
134: Dark Money
Show Details42min 39s
133: Gere Heads
Show Details42min 9s
Show Details56min 38s
131: Leading The Witness
Show Details43min 1s
130: The Papal Ring
Show Details37min 7s
129: Nostradamus Wells
Show Details37min 29s
128: Footnote, Me
Show Details45min 9s
127: Hyde Your Identity
Show Details38min 58s
126: Get Me To Quantico
Show Details41min 17s
125: Hot Spots
Show Details37min 58s
124: Good Reaping
Show Details47min 51s
123: Interview//Audio Fuck Up
Show Details47min 40s
122: Ariana On The Beach
Show Details46min 29s
121: Gulliver In The City
Show Details48min 47s
120: Conversion Therapy
Show Details45min 1s
119: In God's Hands
Show Details47min 29s
118: Bad Writing
Show Details54min 7s
117: Always Has Been
Show Details26min 5s
Show Details45min 59s
115: **Fake Episode/Break Time**
Show Details11min 7s
114: Devil You Do, Devil You Don't
Show Details44min 10s
113: Mention It All
Show Details47min 15s
112: Day By Day
Show Details40min 9s
111: Hillbilly Industrial Complex
Show Details45min 8s
110: Starlight
Show Details46min 18s
Show Details49min 1s
108: Torso Drip
Show Details48min 3s
107: Mary, Don't Eat That
Show Details1hr 2min
106: The Room Got Smaller
Show Details48min 58s
105: Chef, Gay
Show Details43min 3s
104: Mind Palace
Show Details48min 4s
103: Thousands Of Twins
Show Details46min 59s
102: Tomfoolery
Show Details45min 36s
101: Sonja Leading The Sonja
Show Details40min 36s
100: Masturbation Cereal
Show Details41min 28s
99: The Ledge Is Our Home
Show Details34min 30s
98: We'll Always Have Zoom
Show Details38min
97: Terminal Screen Time
Show Details40min 48s
96: Quarantine Update!
Show Details10min 17s
Show Details44min 39s
94: I Want Yentl
Show Details35min 16s
93: The Crounche
Show Details39min 48s
92: Six Years, No Results
Show Details42min 9s
91: Dangling The Gun Carrot
Show Details36min 37s
90: Manja, Manja
Show Details32min 1s
89: High On Summer Solstice
Show Details44min 25s
88: They're Calling Em Waitmares
Show Details35min 35s
87: Bagel Fuckin First-Part 2
Show Details26min 9s
86: Bagel Fuckin First-Part 1
Show Details30min 1s
85: Ration Me, Daddy
Show Details44min 46s
84: Upstairs Downstairs
Show Details39min 2s
83: Salami In 2020
Show Details54min 46s
82: A Million Little Things
Show Details36min 21s
81: Die Hard: Butterball Edition
Show Details33min
80: The Fatty, Fatty Crown
Show Details34min 27s
79: You're All Artists
Show Details37min 53s
78: Albert DeSalvo
Show Details44min 44s
77: Inhumane Treatment Of Me
Show Details35min 33s
Show Details55min 43s
75: Bigfoot Has A Bindle
Show Details41min 16s
74: Chris Farley Is Tiny
Show Details43min 24s
73: Zodiac Stuff
Show Details47min 9s
72: Kiss Her On The Bouche
Show Details51min 31s
71: Home For Wayward Guests
Show Details36min 53s
70: Good Will Hunting?
Show Details37min 40s
69: God's Restaurant
Show Details37min 7s
68: An Obese Beagle
Show Details39min 27s
67: Are You There God? It's Me, An Editor
Show Details40min 11s
66: Two Total Losers
Show Details35min 15s
65: Sushi Pizza Place! Sushi Pizza Place!
Show Details43min 12s
64: You Goin Swimmin?
Show Details39min 59s
63: Godwin's Law, Baby!
Show Details39min 59s
62: The Panopticon
Show Details36min 52s
61: Everyone Loves To Get Drunk
Show Details38min 12s
60: I'd Rather You Be A Rapist
Show Details41min 44s
59: Live At Hojoko!
Show Details40min 37s
58: Gladly Pay You Tuesday
Show Details31min 5s
57: A Goosebumps Review
Show Details42min 24s
56: The Pouring Water Of Jobs
Show Details36min 27s
55: I Don't Think About You At All
Show Details39min 15s
54: One Year Itch
Show Details42min 53s
53: Dirty Work
Show Details40min 12s
52: Mr. Gorbachev, Tip Me 20%
Show Details42min 13s
51: I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight
Show Details41min 10s
50: You Should Be Dead
Show Details38min 12s
49: Directed By A Woman
Show Details30min 52s
48: You Got Juiced
Show Details53min 42s
47: Live For Lillian
Show Details38min 46s
46: The Inmates Are Running The Asylum
Show Details40min 47s
45: Live At Gertie!
Show Details48min 30s
44: Google Hell
Show Details31min 8s
43: Negociación
Show Details44min 5s
42: A Little Money Goes A Lot Of Ways
Show Details33min 19s
41: Glover V. Delorean
Show Details35min 33s
40: Cesar Chavez Is Bae
Show Details46min 49s
39: Self-Flagellation
Show Details39min 27s
38: A Beautiful Sieve
Show Details47min 2s
37: Eyes Up, Sally!
Show Details40min 49s
36: Doctors Are Nerds
Show Details42min 41s
35: An Undercurrent Of Darkness
Show Details45min 28s
34: Ever Heard Of David Duchovny?
Show Details37min 18s
33: The Kellys
Show Details33min 38s
32: A Humblebrag Christmas
Show Details43min 6s
31: Fuck You, Pay Me
Show Details43min 6s
30: The Burger Article
Show Details40min 9s
29: Eels and Corn
Show Details52min 16s
28: Me No Trusty
Show Details35min 16s
27: God Hates Somms
Show Details43min 44s
26: *BONUS SPOOKY EPISODE* The Scottish Play
Show Details29min 49s
25: One Cup Ant Poison
Show Details32min 57s
24: Have An Affair, Learn The Guitar
Show Details40min 16s
23: Horror Stories
Show Details42min 55s
22: **DEPRAVED CONTENT** Rat People
Show Details26min 15s
21: Shooting Dogs In The Alley
Show Details39min 14s
20: Burger Flipping Robots
Show Details43min 26s
19: Roll Your Meat
Show Details39min 10s
18: It's Fire Season!
Show Details42min 3s
17: The Boys Like Whiskey And The Girls Like Seafood
Show Details39min 5s
16: Hangover Pros
Show Details32min 22s
15: Can You Be A Feminist And A Waitress?
Show Details24min 13s
14: Hello, Suckers!
Show Details48min 51s
13: Pearl Jam Means Cum
Show Details36min 6s
12: Courting The Sea Turtle Vote
Show Details38min 31s
11: Cut To The Feeling
Show Details35min 41s
10: From Crime To Table
Show Details43min 55s
9: Back To Business, Mr. Bond
Show Details36min 50s
8: Dogs And A Serial Sexual Harasser
Show Details44min 59s
7: Bad Boy Army
Show Details48min 40s
6: Not Too Sweet
Show Details37min 11s
Show Details32min
4: Patio Ghouls
Show Details40min 13s
3: City Mouse, Country Mouse
Show Details55min 18s
2: Celebrities We Have Served And Loved
Show Details40min 59s
1: Death By Brandy Bottle
Show Details33min 41s