Fitness/health so come with me on my journey to make life change

I have always what to talk about health/fitness and see what I can learn and tell everyone about so I am here to talk about my weight lose journey that I am on trying to lose weight or make a life change in my life trying to be healthy for my kids and my family so I hope you like what I have to say keep listen. THANK YOU FOR LISTEN hope you have a Gooday


What challenge and what workout and which Victoria Secret Model that I am going to follow for a day
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I am going to be doing vlogemas on both channels And what book i have been reading
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The result on my weight loss journey and what I have been learn with this journey
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what i did in a week and how i am coming out of my Comfort place
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("Trigger Warning") Why I have not posted and how my Eating habits is going Plus when will i be posted again
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what I have been up to and what youtubers that I have been watching
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How my weight loss journey been going for me
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Talk about how my weight loss Journey has been for me
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My goals For 2021 The NEW YEAR. #fitness #goals2021
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Talking about self-esteem get out of my Comfortable Zone and the negative Self-confidence
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Talking about motivation What Keeps motivation and what doesn't
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Talk about what I have been up to and what kind of workout I am doing
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On This Episode I Will Be Talk About What I Have Been Up To
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What I will be talk about on my Podcasts
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