You WON'T BELIEVE What Happens When You LET GO and Trust Your Team!

19m | May 17, 2023

Juan and Kiefer, in this episode of Full Send, have a conversation revolves around the challenges and benefits of teamwork, individual work, and switching roles within an organization. The speaker initially discusses the pros and cons of working in isolation, asserting that while it's great for focus and productivity, it's also essential to remember the value of teamwork. Letting go and entrusting others with tasks, they argue, is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences.

They also delve into the idea of switching roles within an organization. Using their own background in creative media as a case study, they explain how shifting to an entirely different department, like sales, would be incredibly difficult for them because they feel comfortable in their known field and worry about depending on others in unfamiliar territory. However, they acknowledge that the other person successfully transitioned from sales to operations, implying respect for their adaptability.

Finally, they discuss their learning process, from being hands-on to trusting their team with essential tasks. They admit to still battling the urge to "just do it" themselves but are learning to delegate and let go. They are also adapting to new roles, such as transitioning from behind-the-scenes work like filming and sound mixing to taking part in front of the camera, despite their concerns about potential mistakes. In conclusion, the conversation offers insights into the struggles and growth experiences of professionals navigating team dynamics and evolving roles within a company.

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