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Black Women Travel Podcast

Black Women Travel Podcast shares the stories of Black women who dare to make travel a priority. Yes, in this economy. This community of bold women from all over the world have varied travel stories including short-term travelers based in a country, to long-term travelers living as digital nomads or working abroad. Listen in to hear how they’re able to use travel as a means to connect with themselves and others. Celebrate good times! You now have the opportunity to become an Official Nomad Crew Member through Patreon. Tap the link and join us today


Meet Nadia! | What It's Like Inside the Black Women Travel Mastermind
Show Details33min 17s
Meet Kathy! | What It's Like Inside the Black Women Travel Mastermind
Show Details26min 31s
Meet Stacyann! | What It's Like Inside the Black Women Travel Mastermind
Show Details19min
Life Update!
Show Details57min 31s
Meet Francine! Black Women Travel Conference | IBWTJ21✈
Show Details58min 48s
How to Start Traveling and Working Online
Show Details55min 12s
Why You're Not Reaching Your Goals
Show Details1hr 3min
Meet Errol! Black Women Travel Conference | IBWTJ21✈
Show Details1hr 21min
Meet Yvonne! Black Women Travel Conference | IBWTJ21✈
Show Details1hr 6min
Meet Tinesha Matthews | International Black Women Travel Jubilee 21
Show Details39min 35s
Meet Jhaelynn Elam | International Black Women Travel Jubilee 21
Show Details30min 12s
Meet Halona! Black Women Travel Conference | IBWTJ21✈
Show Details44min 56s
Meet Youmie Jean Francois | International Black Women Travel Jubilee 21
Show Details41min 10s
Meet Joyce! Black Women Travel Conference | IBWTJ21✈
Show Details26min 55s
Meet Adalia Aborisade | International Black Women Travel Jubilee 21
Show Details36min 47s
Meet Melinda! Black Women Travel Conference | IBWTJ21✈
Show Details23min 16s
Meet Teresa! | International Black Women Travel Jubilee 21
Show Details37min 40s
Meet Cassandre Dunbar | International Black Women Travel Jubilee 21
Show Details36min 3s
Meet Kelley Woods | International Black Women Travel Jubilee 21
Show Details17min 33s
Chapter 115-Nikki of Buy From a Black Woman
Show Details53min 20s
Chapter 114-Kim of Afro-Latino Travels
Show Details1hr 2min
Black Women Travl Block Party!!!
Show Details6min 44s
How to Nurture a Trusting Relationship With Yourself
Show Details34min 55s
Chapter 113-Youmie of Flex-N-Fly
Show Details1hr 26min
How to Package Your Skills
Show Details1hr 55min
How to Believe in Yourself and Get What You Want
Show Details1hr 31min
Wellness + Black Women Travelers
Show Details1hr 39min
Chapter 112-Shahidah of Black Girls Learn Languages
Show Details1hr 15min
Chapter 111-Sakita of House of Success PR
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 110-Shelly of Black Girl Ventures
Show Details45min 38s
Chapter 109-JoAnna E.
Show Details55min 51s
Chapter 108-Christina of Melanin Travels Magic
Show Details49min 36s
Chapter 107-Ashleigh Chanél of Make Your Mark Consulting
Show Details1hr 7min
Chapter 106-Walton of Black Woman Owned
Show Details47min 4s
Chapter 105-LaToya of Black Girl Digital
Show Details1hr 20min
Chapter 104-Juanita of The Expats International Ingrams
Show Details58min 27s
Chapter 103-Briana of Black Queer Travel Guide, Fringe of Colour Films, and We Are Here Scotland
Show Details1hr 8min
Chapter 102-Natasha of Houseful & Associates and We Sow We Grow
Show Details1hr 18min
Chapter 101-Danyel of Black Girl Songbook
Show Details54min 23s
Chapter 100-Chrishan of Blaxit Global
Show Details1hr 19min
Chapter 99-Aitza of Petitely Packaged + Aitza B Creative
Show Details1hr 2min
Chapter 98-Siarra of Prepare for Landing Podcast + Your Obsessive Planner
Show Details1hr 11min
Chapter 97-Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life
Show Details1hr 7min
Chapter 96-dCarrie of Travel N Sh!t
Show Details1hr 6min
Chapter 95-Yaa of Femmebnb
Show Details53min 36s
Chapter 94-Claire of Up in the Air Life
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 93-Shar of The Xpat App + #XpatChats
Show Details1hr 22min
Chapter 92-Jamie-Lee, The Travel Marketer
Show Details53min 24s
Chapter 91-Danica of WatchDanicaWork
Show Details1hr 1min
Chapter 90-DeAnna of Broke And Abroad Life + Travel Noire
Show Details1hr 13min
Chapter 89-Cinneah of Flynanced
Show Details1hr 13min
Chapter 88-Sam of Some Call Me Adventurous
Show Details1hr 29min
Chapter 87-Heather of Globetrotting Mama
Show Details1hr 19min
Chapter 86-Kiersten Brown
Show Details1hr 6min
Chapter 85-Nicole of I Luv 2 Globe Trot
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 84-Eulanda of Hey! Dip Your Toes In
Show Details1hr 43min
Chapter 83-Lauren of Outdoorsy Diva
Show Details1hr 6min
Chapter 82-Deborah of Tiny Global Footprints
Show Details1hr
Chapter 81-Ellie of Nite Views
Show Details54min 20s
Chapter 80-As Told by Nella
Show Details49min 52s
Chapter 79-JetSetSarah
Show Details1hr 8min
Chapter 78-FixWith PK
Show Details59min 27s
Black Women Travel Community + You
Show Details2min 13s
Question + Answer with Wanda Duncan
Show Details58min 36s
Chapter 77-The Wandering Pier
Show Details1hr 25min
Chapter 76-Miss Peppermint
Show Details1hr 29min
Chapter 75-Amarachi of Travel with a Pen
Show Details1hr 2min
Chapter 74-Yasmin of Yasmin TELLS
Show Details51min 9s
Chapter 73-Hauwa of She's Uthman
Show Details59min 48s
Chapter 72-Yasmin of Black Girl Nomads
Show Details40min 12s
Chapter 71-Fayida of Freedom is Mine
Show Details51min 52s
Chapter 70-Jhaelynn of Sizije
Show Details59min 11s
Chapter 69-Christine of Flourish in the Foreign & Christine Job
Show Details1hr 14min
Chapter 68-Kristina of Viageur and Black Startup Collective
Show Details1hr 22min
Chapter 67-Anquanette of the Cruzan Foodie and Virgin Island Food Tours
Show Details1hr 12min
Chapter 66-Kris of By Kris Keys
Show Details1hr 12min
Chapter 65-Delphine of Very Delphine
Show Details1hr 12min
Chapter 64-Lené of The Goal Standard
Show Details1hr 16min
Chapter 63-Julie of Frame Ambition
Show Details1hr 31min
Chapter 62-Frantzces of Defying Resistance and Chronicles Abroad
Show Details55min 35s
Chapter 61-Victoria M. Walker of The Points Guy
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 60-Rosetta of Rosetta Thurman
Show Details1hr 25min
Chapter 59-Robin of This . . . I Do for ME!
Show Details1hr 23min
Chapter 59-Robin of This . . . I Do for ME!
Show Details1hr 23min
Chapter 58-Stacey of She Travelin’
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 57-Gabby of Packs Light
Show Details1hr 9min
Chapter 56-Tryphena of the Fearless Living Society
Show Details1hr 33min
Chapter 55-Karen, Head Chef of Our Kitchen Classroom
Show Details1hr 14min
Chapter 54-Marty of the All Black Content Travel Network
Show Details1hr 16min
Chapter 53-Wanda of The Black Women Travel Universe
Show Details1hr 56min
Chapter 52-Nala Simone Toussaint of Reuniting of African Descendants
Show Details1hr 43min
Chapter 51-Ash of Ash Johns
Show Details1hr 39min
Chapter 50-Adalia of Picky Girl Travels the World
Show Details1hr 23min
Chapter 49-Mecca of My Life Created and Stars on Fire
Show Details1hr 45min
Chapter 48-Clementine of Travel With Clem
Show Details53min 56s
Chapter 47-Lola of Geotraveler Media
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 46-Jumoke of Jay on Life and The Triple Cripples
Show Details1hr 6min
Chapter 45-Alise of Black Girl Travel Slay
Show Details1hr 19min
Chapter 44-Devin of ReadySetFro
Show Details1hr 18min
Chapter 43-Jeneva of Where is Neva?
Show Details1hr 3min
Chapter 42-Amanda Elise of Spirit Journies
Show Details1hr 10min
Chapter 41-Samantha of The Queen of Vacations
Show Details51min 13s
Chapter 40-Tia of Tia Takes the World
Show Details1hr 10min
Chapter 39-Kenya of Kenya Imani
Show Details1hr 10min
Chapter 38-Elvy of Elvy’s Blog
Show Details1hr 13min
Chapter 37-Charlie from the University of California, Irvine
Show Details1hr 29min
Chapter 36-Imara of TransLash
Show Details55min 45s
Chapter 35-Caroline of TravelEatSlay
Show Details1hr 34min
Chapter 34-Char of Memoirs & Musings and The Hustle Hotline
Show Details58min 22s
Chapter 33-Roshida of Shida’s on the Loose
Show Details1hr 20min
Chapter 32- Efia of Effy Talks Life
Show Details1hr 1min
Chapter 31-Danielle of The Thought Card
Show Details1hr 10min
Chapter 30-Ashley of From My World, With Love
Show Details1hr 18min
Chapter 29-Pelumi of Black Kintsugi
Show Details1hr 24min
Chapter 28-Sarah of Sarah Toyin
Show Details2hr 6min
Chapter 27-Vivian of VivWanders
Show Details1hr 20min
Chapter 26-Orion of The Black Travel Box
Show Details1hr 36min
Chapter 25-Megan of MegFabulous
Show Details1hr 13min
Chapter 24-Davida of Wonders of Wanders
Show Details1hr 10min
Chapter 23-Victoria of The Stylish Trotter
Show Details50min 43s
Chapter 22-Kim of Glampowered
Show Details1hr 19min
Chapter 21-Taiwanda of Taiwanda Bason
Show Details1hr 14min
Become an Official Nomad Crew Member
Show Details1min 43s
Chapter 20-Vivienne of The VO Guide
Show Details1hr 24min
Chapter 19-Mita of Adventurely
Show Details1hr 4min
Chapter 18-Chinique of FroFamilyTravels
Show Details1hr 11min
Chapter 17-Kay the Awkward Traveller
Show Details1hr 17min
Chapter 16-Nubia the Travelpreneur
Show Details1hr 53min
Chapter 15-Ayanna of Feminine Wealth Movement
Show Details38min 16s
Chapter 14-Sojourner of Sojournies
Show Details1hr 2min
Chapter 13-Jade of Teacher Jade
Show Details1hr 46min
Chapter 12-Tanisha of Sincerely, Tanisha
Show Details2hr 3min
Chapter 11-Feji the Local to Global Nomad
Show Details2hr 21min
Chapter 10-Natalie of Factuality the Game
Show Details1hr 55min
Chapter 9-Kellie of the Real Estate Content Vault
Show Details1hr 7min
Chapter 8-Britney the Nomad in Transition
Show Details1hr 15min
Chapter 7-Shannon of Wellness Travel Mama
Show Details1hr 18min
Chapter 6-Stephanie of Vaycarious
Show Details1hr 1min
Chapter 5-Moni Boyce Romance Author Extraordinaire
Show Details1hr 57min
Chapter 4-Talia of The Sassy Nation
Show Details1hr 12min
Chapter 3-Phyllis the Oracle
Show Details1hr 5min
Chapter 2-Dawn, Education Technology, & Her Family of Four
Show Details50min 46s
Chapter 1-Vangile of Wealthy Money
Show Details1hr 37min
Black Women Travel Podcast Prologue
Show Details1min 34s