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Cowboys Talk

Alex Al-Kazzaz aka The Bear of Texas brings a new podcast talking Cowboys. A lifelong Cowboys fan, Alex will give his thoughts and takes of the Dallas Cowboys. Telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Whether it is good or bad, Alex Al-Kazzaz will let you know about America's Team. How Bout Them Cowboys!!!


The 2022 Schedule Is Out!
Show Details48min 3s
Cowboys Draft Recap and Reaction
Show Details51min 34s
The Cowboys Select OT Tyler Smith In The First Round
Show Details19min 31s
Who Will The Cowboys Draft In The First Round?
Show Details52min 35s
2022 Free Agency Results
Show Details30min 53s
Von Miller and Bobby Wagner to Dallas?
Show Details31min 3s
The Cowboys' Off-Season Atrocities Continue...
Show Details34min 14s
The Terrible Amari Cooper Trade
Show Details21min 27s
Bullshit Off-Season Shenanigans Are Starting
Show Details46min 7s
Bad News For Dallas: Kellen Moore Ain't Going Anywhere
Show Details12min 57s
Could Sean Payton Become The Head Coach In 2023?
Show Details14min 24s
Dan Quinn Is Staying In Dallas
Show Details14min 3s
Is Mike McCarthy finished or is he staying on as head coach?
Show Details23min 40s
Will Amari Cooper be traded?
Show Details21min 58s
Dallas already knows who they play next season
Show Details18min 8s
Micah Parsons had a brilliant rookie season
Show Details20min 58s
Dallas exposed as an arrogant and overrated team
Show Details48min 22s
Dallas's playoff date with San Francisco
Show Details34min 56s
12-5 season and 6-0 in the NFC East
Show Details36min 49s
Another Repugnant, Repulsive, and DISGRACEFUL Loss For The Cowboys
Show Details18min 22s
A Tribute to Dan Reeves
Show Details28min 3s
Dealing With The Arizona Cardinals
Show Details26min 40s
DeMarcus Ware named 2022 Hall of Fame Finalist
Show Details26min 1s
NFC East Clinched And Washington OBLITERATED
Show Details29min 16s
Is Mike McCarthy Holding The Cowboys Back?
Show Details14min 17s
Kellen Moore Can't Be Trusted
Show Details14min 38s
Dallas vs New York Recap
Show Details29min 29s
Dallas vs New York Preview
Show Details31min 29s
Should The Cowboys Rest Ezekiel Elliott?
Show Details11min 52s
Is Dak Prescott A True Candidate For NFL MVP?
Show Details22min 57s
Dallas vs Washington Recap
Show Details24min 49s
Dallas vs Washington Preview
Show Details29min 22s
Dallas vs New Orleans Recap
Show Details28min 39s
Dallas vs New Orleans Preview
Show Details24min 22s
Dallas vs Las Vegas Recap
Show Details21min 27s
Dallas vs Las Vegas Preview
Show Details31min 3s
Dallas vs Kansas City Recap
Show Details17min 40s
Dallas vs Kansas City Preview
Show Details25min 50s
Dallas vs Atlanta Recap
Show Details29min 31s
Dallas vs Atlanta Preview
Show Details27min 44s
Cowboys vs Broncos Recap
Show Details23min 35s
Cowboys vs Broncos Preview
Show Details31min 16s
Cowboys vs Vikings Recap
Show Details42min 33s
Cowboys vs Vikings Preview
Show Details29min 33s
Will Dallas Trade Michael Gallup?
Show Details16min 6s
Looking Back On The 2018 Amari Cooper Trade
Show Details19min 33s
Cowboys vs Patriots Recap
Show Details46min 8s
Cowboys vs Patriots Preview
Show Details24min 18s
Cowboys vs Giants Recap
Show Details40min 8s
Cowboys vs Giants Preview
Show Details20min 6s
Jaylon Smith Is No Longer A Cowboy
Show Details16min 41s
Cowboys vs Panthers Recap
Show Details21min 1s
Cowboys vs Panthers Preview
Show Details33min 48s
Dallas vs Philadelphia Recap
Show Details32min 32s
Dallas vs Philadelphia Preview
Show Details44min 35s
Cowboys vs Chargers Recap
Show Details30min 59s
Cowboys vs Chargers Preview
Show Details26min 6s
NFC East Week 1 Recap
Show Details49min 30s
Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb
Show Details16min 32s
La'el Collins Is Suspended For Five Games
Show Details14min 42s
Dallas vs Tampa Bay Recap
Show Details45min 39s
Dallas vs Tampa Bay Preview
Show Details1hr
Dallas Still Doesn't Have A Backup Quarterback
Show Details16min 30s
Final Thoughts On The Preseason
Show Details26min 17s
Cowboys and Cardinals Preseason Recap
Show Details27min 32s
Jimmy Johnson Will Be Inducted Into Ring of Honor
Show Details15min 59s
Hall of Fame Game Recap
Show Details21min 14s
Hall of Fame Game Preview
Show Details18min 31s
Expectations for Dak Prescott
Show Details14min 9s
Training Camp Is Underway
Show Details20min 47s
Season's Almost Here!
Show Details16min 41s
Pre-Training Camp Thoughts
Show Details28min 2s
The Schedule Is Out!
Show Details43min 18s
Cowboys Post-Draft Discussion
Show Details52min 56s
Cowboys First-Round Discussion
Show Details42min 32s
Who Will The Cowboys Draft In The First Round?
Show Details35min 46s
Jimmy Johnson
Show Details34min 5s
2021 Free Agency Progress
Show Details39min 15s
Are The Cowboys and Dak Prescott Under Tremendous Pressure?
Show Details22min 26s
Dak Prescott Is Staying In Dallas
Show Details44min 19s
Russell Wilson to the Dallas Cowboys?
Show Details28min 44s
J.J. Watt and Patrick Peterson To Dallas?
Show Details35min 26s
The Dak Prescott Situation
Show Details36min 35s
Jason Witten
Show Details37min 47s
Randy Gregory
Show Details31min 15s
Super Bowl XXX
Show Details58min 13s
Super Bowl XXVIII
Show Details1hr 5min
An Early Examination of the 2021 Season
Show Details29min 25s
Super Bowl XXVII
Show Details33min 11s
1992 NFC Championship
Show Details47min 23s
Dan Quinn Is The New Defensive Coordinator
Show Details36min 52s
Candidates for the Defensive Coordinator position
Show Details36min 8s
Bobby Carpenter
Show Details23min 33s
Lance Dunbar
Show Details25min 12s
Sean Lee
Show Details27min 26s
It's All Over For Dallas
Show Details57min 48s
NFC East Speculation
Show Details29min 14s
The State of the NFC East
Show Details52min 16s
The NFC East Is Still Up For Grabs
Show Details36min 51s
Does The Win Against Cincinnati Mean Anything?
Show Details37min 46s
3-9...What now?
Show Details1hr 8min
Cowboys vs Ravens Preview
Show Details24min 20s
Cowboys vs Vikings Recap and Thanksgiving Preview
Show Details39min 9s
Cowboys vs Vikings Preview
Show Details34min 57s
Cowboys vs Steelers Recap
Show Details22min 9s
Cowboys vs Steelers Preview
Show Details17min
Cowboys vs Eagles Recap
Show Details28min 13s
Cowboys vs Eagles Preview
Show Details53min 44s
Dallas vs Washington Recap
Show Details54min 18s
Dallas vs Washington Preview
Show Details1hr 5min
Cowboys vs Cardinals Recap
Show Details50min 50s
Cowboys vs Cardinals Preview
Show Details44min 36s
Cowboys vs Giants Recap
Show Details56min 37s
Cowboys vs Giants Preview
Show Details1hr 9min
Cowboys vs Browns Recap
Show Details46min 36s
Cowboys vs Browns Preview
Show Details59min 40s
Cowboys vs Seahawks Recap
Show Details54min 38s
Cowboys vs Seahawks Preview
Show Details25min 22s
Cowboys vs Falcons Recap
Show Details1hr 1min
Cowboys vs Falcons Preview
Show Details37min 2s
Cowboys vs Rams Discussion
Show Details32min 44s
Cowboys Talk Trailer
Show Details1min 23s