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Movies are not "rated" here. They are explored.

Eric and Curtis feed a never yielding fandom of movies and film, attempting to push beyond subjective, gut reactions of "good" or "bad" while breaking down WHY we feel the way we feel about what we choose to consume.

And now there is the TFNR GAUNTLET, where hosts and guests must attempt to answer absurdly subjective questions with complete objectivity, or earn points and loose, "The Game."

Join us! And try to get on the board and get out with the smallest point total to WIN!


TFNR S02 E05- Deep Tremors and Minari Treasures
Show Details33min 25s
TFNR S02 E04 F***in' in the Afterlife
Show Details29min 57s
TFNR S02 E03- Eternal French Birds in Soho
Show Details55min 15s
TFNR S02 E02- Frankenstein is Knock Knock knocking on Dracula's door... and Spider-man 2!
Show Details51min 6s
TFNR S02 E01- Halloween and the Legend of Bram Stoker's Malignant Ten Rings
Show Details55min 44s
Episode 18- An Anime Romance with a Fellowship Between A Fish, A Tiger and Cat People Ends Season 1
Show Details50min 9s
Episode 17- The Tramp vs The Army of the Water Ghosts!
Show Details57min 8s
Episode 16- Summer is Hell
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 15- Hollywood Art House: A Tale of Two Trilogies
Show Details1hr
Episode 14- British-American Scary Stories
Show Details50min 59s
Episode 13- This Podcast Vs The World
Show Details57min 54s
Episode 12- Be Kind Rewind E01
Show Details30min 13s
Episode 11- Zack Snyder and The League (Guest Star Mecha_Kidd)
Show Details46min 13s
Episode 10- That One Movie
Show Details54min 42s
Episode 9- For Children and Adults Separately
Show Details45min 28s
Episode 8- The Adventures of 12 Angry Iron Men and the Dead That Don't Die
Show Details42min 51s
Episode 7- The Blob and The Third Exorcist Live to Old Age and Are Sent To Live on a Mountain!
Show Details49min 18s
Episode 6- Moonlight, Game Night, The Little Things, And A New Class of Film Noir
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 5- The Girl Who Played With a Blue Uncut Gem then Got Out on Friday the 13th
Show Details47min 49s
Episode 4- Summer Wars in Selma Between The Changeling and The Crow with the Dragon Tattoo
Show Details48min 42s
Episode 3- The Mask of Zorro, The Thing (2011), and The World's End
Show Details30min 53s
Episode 2- MW84, SPvtW, Armie Hammer, Maquia, Dead Man
Show Details37min 47s
Episode 1- David Lynch and Christopher Nolan
Show Details41min 46s
This Film Not Rated Preview
Show Details34s