HEX - File 0120 - A Belly-Splitting Good Time - pt.2

Season 4 | Episode 120
53m | Jan 5, 2024

In this two-part episode our hosts, Cayla, Nathan and Courtney take a look at three cases of intrigue: 

  • Perchta: In Austria and Bavaria, Dec 5th + 6th are special days, these are the days that Krampus visits children. The rest of the month is primarily dedicated to Santa, but on the week leading up to January 5th, that's when the Perchten rule in the name of Perchta
  • Cold Plunges: A unique new way to better your health? Or a dangerous practice supported by unlicensed "health experts"
  • Rollerskates and Parol: In Venezuela they have a unique way of getting to mass during the holidays: on roller-skates. Meanwhile in the Philippines, paper lanterns shaped as stars are used throughout the holidays


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