Addicts In The Dark

One hour, one anonymous caller, one story about addiction.


16. Point Spread Placebo
Show Details35min 22s
15. Free Candy
Show Details23min 29s
14. Bargain Binger
Show Details28min 55s
13. Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Soul
Show Details26min 1s
12. Relapse Rotation
Show Details34min 4s
11. Rogue Brain
Show Details44min 59s
10. We Help People, But Not Me
Show Details29min 58s
9. Stimulant Equivalent
Show Details15min 11s
8. Medicinal Monster
Show Details27min 9s
7. All Eyes On You, All The Wrong Reasons
Show Details27min 39s
6. Highest Achiever
Show Details42min 46s
5. An Appetite for Fitting In
Show Details34min 32s
4. Prescriptions, Progress & Peace
Show Details39min 38s
3. Cosmetic Killer
Show Details51min 13s
2. Poison IV
Show Details35min 10s
1. D.T.F — Down to F$%K up
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