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A group of guys from Zimbabwe giving you unfiltered, informative opinions and recaps football opinionated.


Kitchen Sink Time
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#27: Stuck in Limbo?
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#26: Chaos and Trophies FC
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#25: Should athletes be role models?
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#24: Its time to go!
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Q/A Discussion Part 2
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#23: Random Chat
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#22: Football recap
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#21: Changing of the guard
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#20: Trace your experience with football
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#17: Stay or go?
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#16: Stars and Legends.
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#18: It's all about the hype
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#19: Have stats become more relevant?
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#15: Rip up the script
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#14: Unpopular Opinions...
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#13:Same ol issues
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So close yet so VAR!
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World football recap
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Tactics Analysis
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What to expect: Arsenal
Show Details46min 35s
What to expect: Liverpool
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What to expect: Chelsea
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What to expect: Manchester United
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Transfers and Q&A
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Premier League round up and Awards Ceremony.
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FA Cup preview and race for top 4
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What's going on at Barcelona?
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Manchester United and the return of the Premier league
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