What your dreams mean (with Kari Hohne)

Season 1 | Episode 6
1h 0m | Aug 22, 2021

In this episode, I’m joined by Kari Hohne, a dream analyst and author who is an expert on the Eastern and Western archetypes behind dreams, astrology, and oracles. 

Some of the things you’ll learn in this episode include:

  • A simple trick to help you remember your dreams
  • Archetypes and how they manifest in dreams
  • What it means if you dream about Brad Pitt
  • The common “old flame” dream and what it represents
  • What nightmares are about and why you shouldn’t be afraid of them

Kari Hohne is the author of several books including The Mind’s Mirror: Dream Dictionary and The Mythology of Sleep: The Waking Power of Dreams. Her latest book is called Decoding the Night Sky: Ancient Babylonian Astrology.

Her music incorporates global shamanic traditions with modern percussion and instruments to enhance your yoga or meditation practice.

She’s also the creator of two top-rated apps:

Learn more about Kari Hohne’s work, including her music, videos, classes, and more, at her website, Cafe au Soul.

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