Get Your Motivation Back When That Lovin Feeling Lacks

Episode 20
26m | Jun 13, 2021

“The narratives that control us, the stories we tell ourselves, shape our reality. And so often we just take it as assumed that what we’re thinking is true. It's accurate, it’s a reflection of reality. But don’t believe everything you think.” This from Tim Ferris in an interview with Brene Brown and Dax Shepard on the “Unlocking Us with Brene Brown” podcast. Listen in to this all-star team of exceptional human beings give a humorous and intelligent account of their own philosophies on life, the good the bad and the ugly. Who’s automatic go too is shame and blame, and how that plays just might be surprised by who that is. And the one thing that keeps them fully energized and operating as their best possible selves, they each can’t live without.

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