Find the Right People to Help Get the Answers You Need During a Life Transition

Episode 18
27m | May 7, 2021

“Sometimes I contradict myself and I’m like, ya know what? Don’t judge yourself. Yes, sometimes I’m a big ball of mush and I wanna be super squishy. And other times I’m gonna flex my muscles and my veins are gonna pop and ya better not challenge me. And yes, I can have the beauty of both.” That little gem is from an interview with Lisa Bilyeu and Jenna Kutcher from the podcast, The Goal Digger. And it’s part of a much larger conversation where Lisa talks about her journey of overcoming her own self judgement, the fear she felt while going after her goals, what she did to challenge lifelong limiting beliefs and create a new self narrative and how she became her own hero, by supporting other women to be theirs.

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