Why You Aren't Getting What You Really Want Out of Life and How You Can

Episode 17
32m | Apr 22, 2021

“Your level of clarity will determine your level of success, period. As long as there’s any ounce of vaguery in what you’re doing, you will not succeed.” That little number is from Tom Bilyeu, founder and host of Impact Theory. And it’s part of a triple threat conversation you’re about to hear between himself, Kevion Stirdivant and Rob Dyrdek on the podcast, Short Story Long with Chris Pfaff, otherwise known as Drama. Lean in on this one as these guys teach a masterclass on what it takes to gain the clarity you need to succeed and win, how the lies you tell yourself are stopping you from getting what you want and why choosing your path over just looking for it, is essential for taking action. 

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Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley on YouTube.

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